Going to Barcelona Ruby Conference? Meet Our RubyMine Team There!

September 11th-13th, RubyMine team members Denis Ushakov, Anna Kutarba and Andrey Vokin (front left to right) will be attending Barcelona Ruby Conference.

RubyMine Team at Baruco

While there won’t be a JetBrains booth at the show, the team are going to be around and ready to talk. Find them wearing their RubyMine t-shirts and don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation. Denis, Anna and Andrey hope to meet you there!

Baruco 2014

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What’s Mining: Chef Integration

Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce a plugin for RubyMine and IDEA that provides Chef support. It’s compatible with the last RubyMine Tsubaki EAP and Intellij IDEA 14 EAP.

Following the main concepts of Chef the plugin introduces cookbooks, recipes and resources in the IDE. It provides marking/detection options for a cookbook and code insight for a resource and for its attributes. Please note you need to install Chef gem before you start.

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RubyMine Tsubaki EAP: Better Debugger and Code Insight

Hello everyone,

Every bug and feature has its own story, and sometimes it is a really-really long story. But everything has its own time: sooner or later, one way or another. This EAP build includes fixes for some old bugs and we are hopeful that a couple of long stories have now found their happy endings. One of them talks about the debugger working with symlinks, the other one is about better autocompletion and code insight. Please learn more in the release notes and try the latest RubyMine Tsubaki EAP (build 138.1968).

We’re looking forward for your feedback as usual.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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Team Preparing for RubyConf Brasil 2014 and Guru Sorocaba

Get ready São Paulo, the RubyMine team is gearing up for RubyConf Brasil (Aug  28 – 29), Dojo programming session with GURU Sorocaba (Aug 30) and a few more meetups while we are there!


RubyConf Brasil 2014

Join us at the largest Ruby Conference in Latin América that rivals the most important conferences on the continent. In its seventh year RubyConf Brasil 2014 is a unique event that is geared towards software developers that want to learn and upgrade their knowledge in topics such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Agile Practices, JavaScript, NoSQL, Security, and more.

At our booth, the team will be happy to share information about the latest RubyMine 6.3 release and tell you more about the upcoming RubyMine 7.0 Tsubaki. Better yet why don’t you download the latest EAP and come with your questions and suggestions in hand. We will be happy to show you some demos, as well as answer any questions you have in mind.

Be sure to register for our free license raffle and grab one of our awesome giveaways. Even if you don’t win a free license, we’ll send you a 60% discount for a new RubyMine Personal License (offer is valid for conference attendees only)!


JetBrains Team: Andrey Vokin (Software Developer), Anderson Casimiro (Technical Evangelist), Karolyn Donovan (Sales Americas) and Tatiana Vasilieva (Product Marketing Manager)

(DOJO) GURU Sorocaba + RubyMine, August 30th

So you are already a software developer and you want to learn Ruby on Rails? Well here’s your chance and an opportunity to practice your English!

Join members of the JetBrains team Saturday, August 30 at 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (UTC-03) and learn about the main productivity boosters in RubyMine and get your hands dirty with the coding of a real RoR application. The team will be ready and willing to assist, answering any of your questions during this four-hour session.

Get in touch with us and let us know what you’re up to!

Conference season is picking up again and the RubyMine team is hitting the road. We would be happy to meet with you and support your local activities even if we can’t make it there in person. Drop Tatiana a line or two if you are looking for local event sponsorship or to connect at upcoming events.

We hope to meet you in person sooner rather than later.

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Our Congratulations to Ruby Contest Winners!

Hello everyone,

No matter how tricky a problem is, there is always a solution, and sometimes multiple ones. Indeed, the UTF-8 regular expressions problem we proposed for the recent RubyMine Contest inspired many solutions!

The Ruby community answered our call right away and lent us a helping hand, which was great to see. We got over 100 pull requests! After carefully considering all of them, we finally selected the contest winner.


And that winner is… Tobias L. Maier!

Tobias, we heartily congratulate you on winning the main prize and thank you for the most elegant way to convert the regular expression to pass the test. A $500 Amazon certificate and your free RubyMine license are waiting for you!

In addition, these other interesting solutions cannot go unmentioned:

Each of these five contestants also receives a free RubyMine license from us. Congratulations!

A personal message will be sent to each of the winners, with details on how to redeem their prizes. If you see your name in this post and you don’t receive any email from us within the next day, please ping us by commenting on this post.

Again, we thank all the developers who took part on the contest. It’s awesome to know there is no Ruby problem the community cannot solve. And with your help, RubyMine improves as well. We encourage you to try RubyMine Tsubaki if you haven’t already, and do give us your feedback to help make it even more intelligent.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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RubyMine Tsubaki EAP is Open!

Hello everyone,

A month has passed since we published the roadmap for the next major release, and today you can already try the first new features! The Early Access Program for the next RubyMine Tsubaki is now open with the following enhancements on board:


  • Code reformatting is now available for Slim
  • The Puppet plugin is significantly improved with enhanced сode completion and polished resolving functions
  • The console can now be run in the context of a debugging session
  • RVM can be set up as a remote SDK
  • Support for Vagrant- and deployment-based remote SDK is also improved
  • Preview is now available for Emmet (auto preview can be enabled in Settings | Emmet)

Please take a look at the release notes for more details and screenshots. As usual, we appreciate your feedback. Stay tuned to learn more about other changes and improvements in RubyMine Tsubaki!

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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Solve a Tricky Ruby Problem and Win a Prize!

Hello everyone,

You know that annoying feeling when you have crutches in your code and can’t seem to find a better solution, don’t you? Well, this is it. We faced a tricky Ruby problem: UTF-8 regular expressions fail when working with non UTF-8 strings. We’ve tried to solve it and improve this chunk of code, but to no avail. We were really stumped. And then we realized this problem could be a good task for a Ruby contest!

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RubyMine Tsubaki Roadmap

Hello everyone,

Summer is the kind of time when we draw a breath and look into the future. In terms of development it is a good time for planning the next version and that’s what we did.


Please welcome the roadmap for the next version which is codenamed Tsubaki; the name, traditionally stands for a Japanese tree, so it is a beautiful camellia this time. By the way, the codename was suggested by a JetBrains enthusiast – Masanobu Imai and we thank him a lot!

The most significant changes will include the Chef and Puppet support, Slim formatter, the console aware of the debugger’s context, RVM available as a remote SDK, the EditorConfig support, and more.

Stay tuned not to miss the EAP launch!

Develop with pleasure this summer!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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RubyMine 6.3.3: RSpec 3 Code Insight & Other Fixes

Hello everyone,

In these days of football mania all over the world, wishing all national teams a win and thus an award of three points, we’ve made the third – hopefully the final and winning – bug fix update for RubyMine 6.3!

Please welcome RubyMine 6.3.3 with the most significant changes:

  • Code insight for RSpec 3 is fixed ( RUBY-15407 )
  • TeamCity RSpec test runner is now working ( RUBY-15258 )
  • Automatic code completion popup is switched off for comment blocks ( RUBY-15127 )
  • Gem projects are now treated right ( RUBY-14832 )

See the full list of fixes and use “Check for Updates…” to download and install the update as a patch to your existing RubyMine installation. Or download RubyMine 6.3.3 from our website for your team to benefit from the sporting spirit of this version and may the best team win!

Develop and cheer with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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RailsConf 2014 License Winners Announcement

Hi everyone,

Last weekend I looked back on the past few months and remembered the most exciting events of this Spring. Of course, I couldn’t help but think of RailsConf 2014. RailsConf always gives us a boost of energy as well as some good food for thought. We want to heartily thank all of you who came to our booth and shared your ideas and inspiration!

We’re finally ready to announce the 10 lucky personal license winners. The applicants’ names for the draw came from our booth attendees’ name tags and from the contacts left on the tablet. As a representative of Fortune, there was a simple RubyMotion app that randomly chose the following names:

  • Joseph Caudle
  • Sean Elder
  • Mike Vila
  • Chris Hutchins
  • Katelyn Perry
  • Brian Nash
  • Jeremy Wells
  • Mike Ballou
  • Eddie Dombrowski
  • Artur Gaifutdinov


A personal message will be sent to each of the winners with the details on how to obtain the license. If you see your name in the list above and you do not get any e-mail from us during the day, ping us here in the comments. Continue reading

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