How to Import Previous Darcula Color Scheme in RubyMine

Hey all,

This post explains why we decided to update the Darcula color scheme in RubyMine 2018.3, and shows you how to quickly rollback to the previous version of Darcula if you don’t like the new one.

Why new Darcula

RubyMine 2018.3 comes with a new, much nicer, Darcula color scheme. In the new version, we updated colors for most of the Ruby/Rails elements to make your code look less noisy. For example, we got rid of the glaring red color used for Ruby classes and require calls, reworked the strings that were too bright and bold, and fixed some other aesthetics to make it look that little bit prettier:

new darcula scheme
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RubyMine 2018.3 Goes Beta

Hi there,

RubyMine 2018.3 Beta (build 183.4139.32) is now available for your review. Please check out the new major features in this Beta build, and let us know if you encounter any issues. Here are the most notable changes made for v.2018.3:

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Running Tests in RubyMine: Overview & Improvements

RubyMine comes with a testing suite for running RSpec, Minitest, Cucumber, and other tests based on your current context, and working with them in a friendly graphical user interface. Let’s see how it works in the following example.

Run Tests

Once your database and test environment are all set up, you can run all tests in your application, directory, or file, or even run any specific test. Simply navigate to the desired scope, and choose Run test(s)… from the context menu. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+F10 on Linux/Windows:

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Platform Improvements in RubyMine 2018.3

Hi all,

As you’ve probably already noticed, RubyMine 2018.3 EAP comes with a number of platform improvements. Let’s quickly review the most notable changes in this blog post.

Search Everywhere

RubyMine 2018.3 EAP has had some significant changes made to the Search Everywhere dialog (Shift+Shift). The updated dialog now incorporates all the other types of navigation dialogs – Class, File, Symbol, and Action: now you can simply press Tab to switch between these search types:

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RubyMine 2018.2.4 is Available

Hi all,

RubyMine 2018.2.4 (build 182.4323.73) is now available.

What’s new in this minor update:

  • Reworked autocompletion of the do keyword [RUBY-22543] [RUBY-22367]
  • Fixed YAML, HAML, and CoffeeScript issues

Download RubyMine 2018.2.4

See the release notes for the full list of improvements and please report any issues you encounter.

Your RubyMine Team

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Intention Actions in RubyMine

RubyMine provides you with a set of intention actions that can help you to quickly fix code smells, convert statements for better code style, add strings to locale dictionaries, use language injections, and do other handy things simply by pressing Alt+Enter. Let’s review all the basic and new intention actions added in RubyMine 2018.3 EAP.

Quick Overview

Let’s start with some basic exaxmples:

Below is a two-line statement that uses a ternary operator. You can easily convert it to an if...end clause, which is considered preferable for multiline statements. Just put the caret anywhere inside the statement, and press Alt+Enter:

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RubyMine 2018.2.3 Is Available

Hi everyone,

RubyMine 2018.2.3 (build 182.4323.73) is now available. This minor release features an ability to explicitly run scripts with bundle exec. Previously RubyMine used RUBYOPT options to achieve the same result, which caused confusion and issues in specific cases (see RUBY-11434 & RUBY-22247).

To explicitly run scripts with bundle exec, go to Help | Find Action | Experimental features, and check ruby.force.explicit.bundle.exec:


Note that this option will be enabled by default starting with v2018.3 (to be released in November 2018).

Some other annoying issues were also fixed in this build:

  • GEM_HOME/GEM_PATH not set” warning [RUBY-22254]
  • Inability to read the $GEM_HOME environment variable [RUBY-22237]

Download RubyMine 2018.2.3

See the release notes for the full list of improvements and please report any issues you encounter.

Your RubyMine Team

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I18n Features in RubyMine

This post will cover a number of handy options that RubyMine provides to help you internationalize your application, including the newest ones added in the recently announced RubyMine 2018.3 EAP.

Creating I18n translations

First of all, you can create an I18n property from a string for all existing dictionaries. To do this, simply put the caret on the desired string, press Alt+Enter to invoke Intention Actions, and Choose I18n string value. This will open a dialog where you can create a property key and provide translations for every locale:

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RubyMine Refactorings: Overview & Improvements

RubyMine provides a number of refactorings that can help clean up your code quickly. In mere seconds, you can move files, extract code chunks into methods and variables, and rename values across your project. These options are available through the Refactor this popup, which is accessible by selecting Refactor | Refactor this or pressing Ctrl+T / Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T.

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RubyMine 2018.3 EAP is Open

Hi everyone,

RubyMine 2018.3 EAP1 (build 183.2153.13) is now open. Here’s the list of improvements introduced in this first Early Access build:

We will cover all these major changes in the next few blog posts.

Download RubyMine 2018.3 EAP

See the release notes for the full list of improvements, and please report any issues you encounter.

Your RubyMine Team

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