WebStorm 7.0.1 Release Candidate

3 weeks after WebStorm 7 release we would like you to try its minor update – WebStorm 7.0.1.

Based on your valuable feedback on our issue tracker we made a lot of fixes and improvements. That is why before making this update available for everyone we first introduce it as a Release Candidate. It requires active license.

You can download WebStorm 7.0.1 RC on EAP page. The Release notes are available here.

Some notable improvements in WebStorm 7.0.1 include:

  • improved TypeScript 0.9.1 support with more than 20 fixes, code style configuration and new error messages
  • Disable Emmet in CSS only option
  • configurable test delay for Auto-test option

We are looking forward for your feedback on youtrack.jetbrains.com!

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