Meet JetBrains at RuPy 2013 in Budapest, Hungary

RuPy 2013 LogoRuPy 2013 will take place October 11-13 in Budapest, Hungary and brings together communities from different programming languages Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Clojure and related technologies.

At JetBrains booth you will be able to learn more about our innovative solutions to help professional developers adopt advanced technologies and work faster, better, and more efficiently. By automating the tedious and repetitive development tasks, developers stay focused on code design and the big picture. JetBrains offers complete IDEs for Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, and others, allowing developers to utilize the full power of these dynamic languages.

Come by and say hello to Dennis Ushakov and Daria Dovzhikova from the RubyMine team, and Dmitry Filippov of PyCharm. The friendly group will be happy to have a chat and demo the latest releases of PyCharm 3.0 and RubyMine Momiji EAP, as well as discuss everything JetBrains! Have your questions answered face-to-face and on the spot.

JetBrains Team at RuPy 2013

If that is not enough, we will be running a survey at RuPy. Take part and have the chance to win a free license, or swing by and grab a sticker, and some PyCharm/RubyMine branded M&Ms. We look forward to meeting you there!

For more information follow the teams on Twitter @rubymine and @pycharm.

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Live Webinar: WebStorm Tricks and Tips, October 24th

WebStorm logoJoin us Thursday, October 24th, 16:00 – 17:00 GMT (12:00 – 13:00 EDT) for our free webinar, WebStorm Tricks and Tips featuring John Lindquist.

Have you been wondering how to use WebStorm like a real pro? What are the “secret” keys that make lines of code appear in a second?

In this webinar John Lindquist will share WebStorm tricks that only come from years of experience. He will cover all the need-to-know keyboard shortcuts and WebStorm customization and workflow tips that could really boost your productivity and take your web development experience in WebStorm to a whole new level.

Our webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency who use WebStorm or work with JavaScript, HTML and CSS in IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm or RubyMine. Space is limited; please register now. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

John LindquistJohn Lindquist is a Technology Evangelist at JetBrains. He has spent the majority of his career developing Rich Web Applications. Before joining JetBrains, he was a Technical Architect at Roundarch leading teams in building the latest and greatest in web apps for the Air Force, HBO, and Bloomberg. John focuses his free time on delivering high-quality video tutorials for free on his YouTube channel and recently launched his own video tutorial training site focused on AngularJS.
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Live Webinar: Build Your Own Extension in ReSharper 8, October 22nd

ReSharper logoJoin us Tuesday, October 22nd, 14:00 – 15:00 GMT (10:00 – 11:00 EDT) for our free webinar, Build Your Own Extension in ReSharper 8 featuring Matt Ellis.

ReSharper has always had many extension points for plugins to take advantage of. This webinar will look at how you can extend ReSharper not only by writing code, but also declaratively, with Live Templates, Structural Search and Replace patterns and ReSharper 8′s NuGet-based extension manager.

This webinar is aimed at anyone interested in extending ReSharper. We’ll have a quick look at how to get started writing plugins, and talk about some of the more interesting extension points. Then we’ll take a walk through an example of extending ReSharper without any code, using Live Templates and Structural Search and Replace patterns, from definition to packaging and distribution.

Space is limited; please register now. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar.

Matt EllisMatt Ellis is a Technical Evangelist at JetBrains. He has been a professional developer for nearly 20 years, shipping software for BBC Worldwide, BNP Paribas and Egg, the UK’s first Internet bank. He is an open source creator and contributor, owning projects such as the test runner for ReSharper. He believes in clean code, simplicity and standing on the shoulders of giants.

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Webinar Recording: Version Control with PhpStorm and other IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs

The recording of our October 2nd webinar with Maarten Balliauw and Mikhail Vink, Version Control with PhpStorm and other IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs, is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel and JetBrains.TV.

In this webinar, we cover the basics of version control, unified VCS, local history, change lists, GitHub integration and more.

About this webinar

Working with a Version Control System or VCS should make your life easier, so they say. In this webinar we see if that holds true. We cover the basics of version control including:

  • What is it VCS and why would we need it?
  • Which VCS should we choose?
  • How can my IDE help me with it?

We cover unified VCS, which makes working with Git, Mercurial, Subversion and many other VCS systems much simpler. You will also learn about local history, change lists, GitHub integration and more.

This webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency, but is most useful for those who only begin using VCS.

Keep up with the latest PhpStorm news on JetBrains PhpStorm Blog and on Twitter @phpstorm.

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Live Webinar: Production Python 3 Web Development with Pyramid and PyCharm, October 17th

PyCharm LogoJoin us Thursday, October 17th, 14:00 – 15:00 GMT (10:00 – 11:00 EDT) for our free webinar, Production Python 3 Web Development with Pyramid and PyCharm featuring Paul Everitt.

Winner of the prestigious “Webinar Title with The Most P’s Award”, this session will cover Python 3 web development with PyCharm and the Pyramid web framework.

The new PyCharm 3.0 release includes strong support for Pyramid. This webinar will show that, with PyCharm as a productive development environment and Pyramid’s 2-year support for Python 3, you can now treat Python 3 as “ready to go” for web development.

Pyramid support is new in PyCharm 3.0 and is only available in the professional edition. Space is limited; please register now. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar.

Paul EverittPaul Everitt is a partner with Chris McDonough and Tres Seaver at Agendaless Consulting, doing large web applications based on Pyramid. Before that, Paul was a co-founder with Zope Corporation, taking the first open source application server through $14M of funding. Paul has bootstrapped both the PSF and the Python Software Foundation. Before that, Paul was an officer in the US Navy, starting in 1993.
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JetBrains Delights the Python Community with a Free Edition of its Favorite IDE, PyCharm 3.0

This is an important cross-post from JetBrains PyCharm Blog.

We are happy and proud to let you know that we’ve just released PyCharm 3.0, the newest version of our Python IDE. It comes with an outstanding lineup of new features and enhancements, including:

  • SQLAlchemy support
  • Pyramid & Web2Py web frameworks support
  • Full-featured embedded local terminal
  • Configurable language injections
  • Improvements in Python and Django code intelligence
  • Much better code insight for PyQt and PyGTK
  • and a lot more…

But the most noteworthy announcement for version 3.0 is:
PyCharm now comes in two editions: Community and Professional.

And yes, you read it right: a free and open-source edition of PyCharm is now available!

We all know that Python has long been used in scientific computing and is rapidly being adopted by education and outreach programs. And these are the circles that JetBrains traditionally supports. So the the idea of opening PyCharm’s major functionality to a broader developer community came naturally to us.

We are also confident that a rich set of intelligent language features designed for productive and error-free development will be also appreciated by professionals who use Python for their lightweight coding or scripting tasks.

PyCharm Community Edition is totally free and open-source, available under the Apache 2.0 license. The feature set of this edition is limited to support pure Python coding, while the major functionality and complementary tooling is still there. Community Edition provides core Python language support with code completion, one-the-fly code analysis, refactorings, local debugger, test runner, virtualenv, version control integrations, etc.

PyCharm Professional  Edition represents a superset of the Community Edition, and is ultimately the most powerful and full-featured IDE for Python and Web development. It supports a broad range of advanced technologies including Django, Flask, GAE, SQLAlchemy, Pyramid, web2py and other frameworks and toolkits on top of those supported in Community edition. Starting from v3.0, PyCharm supports several new frameworks and libraries listed above, offers more intelligent code insight for core Python and supported frameworks, new inspections, language injections, Django improvements, Local terminal, and a lot more.

Read more about what’s new in PyCharm 3.0 and download the IDE for your platform.For more details on the differences between Community Edition and Professional Edition, please visit the PyCharm Editions Comparison page.

PyCharm 3.0 Professional Edition is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after Sep 24, 2012. As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try PyCharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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Meet JetBrains at JavaOne: What’s New and in the Pipeline

JavaOne 2013JavaOne 2013 takes place September 22-26th in San Francisco, California, and JetBrains will be there! With more than 400 sessions, including technical sessions, hands-on labs, tutorials, keynotes, and birds-of-a-feather sessions to choose from, JavaOne is THE PLACE to learn and meet friends from all around the world.

Stop by, say hi and learn what’s new.

Come by our booth and meet members of the JetBrains team. There’s plenty for us to talk about including our plans for the upcoming release of IntelliJ IDEA 13; the new projects announced at JetBrains Day in Malmö; as well as the latest releases of TeamCityKotlin and MPS. And that’s just scratching the surface of our latest product news and plans! We look forward to meeting you in person, answering your questions and showing off the hot new features.

Catch our sessions with Hadi and Andrey.

Putting Kotlin to the Test, Hadi Hariri
Tuesday, Sep 24, 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM – Hilton – Yosemite B/C

Hadi HaririJetBrains Kotlin is a new OSS programming language from JetBrains, an IDE and developer tools leader. Its purpose is to provide a general industry-focused language that can be used for all types of development and, at the same time, fixing some of the common pitfalls of other languages that can end up being very expensive. That’s the idea behind it at least, but does it hold? You can find out in this session, which puts it to the test by creating a real-world application to see if and when it can help and whether it has enough potential to be a prime runner.

Type-Safe Web with Kotlin, Andrey Breslav
Wednesday, Sep 25, 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM – Hilton – Yosemite B/C

Andrey BreslavJetBrains Web programming is somewhat strange: the core languages (HTML and CSS) have no means of reuse, so we have to use server-side templates and preprocessors such as LESS/SASS to compensate. On top of that, although even very basic Web applications use quite a few different technologies (think HTML/CSS/JS/Java/JSP), there is no way to make sure they fit properly together. Maybe this link is broken, maybe that style is not defined, and so on. Being a general-purpose language, Kotlin has no built-in support for Web programming, but you can build a Web framework in it that incorporates everything from routing to markup and client scripting in a type-safe, reusable way. In this session, you can learn how.

Additionally, Andrey will be taking part in the group session, The Emerging Languages Bowl: The Quest to Be in the Big Leagues, Thursday, Sep 26, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM with Raghavan “Rags” Srinivas, Charles Nutter and Stephane Epardaud.

Meet your JetBrains Team at JavaOne.

Alexander Podkhalyuzin (Scala Team Lead), Andrey Breslav (Lead Language Designer), Andrey Cheptsov (Product Marketing Manager), Brian Noll (Business Development and Americas Sales Operations), Hadi Hariri (Developer & Technical Evangelist), Paul McCabe (Americas Sales Operations), Robert Demmer (Developer Programs), Yann Cébron (Software Developer) and Yegor Yarko (TeamCity Guy).

Keep up with JavaOne news on Twitter @JavaOneConf and #javaone.

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Live Webinar: Version Control with PhpStorm and other IntelliJ-based IDEs – October 2nd

PhpStorm LogoJoin us Wednesday, October 2nd, 15:00 – 16:00 GMT (17:00 – 18:00 CEST) for our free webinar, Version Control with PhpStorm and other IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs with Maarten Balliauw.

Working with a Version Control System or VCS should make your life easier, so they say. In this webinar we will see if that holds true. We will cover the basics of version control including:

  • What is it VCS and why would we need it?
  • Which VCS should we choose?
  • How can PhpStorm help me with it?

We will cover unified VCS, which makes working with Git, Mercurial, Subversion and many other VCS systems much simpler. We’ll learn about local history, change lists, GitHub integration and more.

This webinar is geared towards developers of different proficiency, but will be most useful for those who only begin using VCS. Space is limited; please register now. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinar. The recording will be available within a week after the webinar.

Maarten BalliauwMaarten Balliauw is a Technical Evangelist at JetBrains. His interests are all web: ASP.NET MVC, PHP and Windows Azure. He’s a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows Azure and an ASPInsider. He has published many articles in both PHP and .NET literature such as MSDN magazine and PHP architect. Maarten is a frequent speaker at various national and international events such as MIX (Las Vegas), TechDays, DPC and others.
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Upsource: A Platform

Last week at JetBrains Day we talked a little bit about Upsource, a new platform we have been working on. In this post, we’d like to give you a bit of a deeper dive into it.

For the past year or more we have been working hard behind the scenes to modularize the IntelliJ platform. As it stands now, IntelliJ IDEA provides a very extensible and rich platform. In fact, all of our different IDEs, as well as Google’s Android Studio are built on the IntelliJ platform and most of the functionality each flavor provides is nothing more than a series of plugins.

However, we needed to take this one step further, and make it available in a headless way, opening the door to a lot of potential, one of which is Upsource, a server-based platform in itself.



All your code, every single commit, at your fingertips

Upsource is, among other things, a code browser. At any time we can click on a specific commit and browse the code

Browse Code

which gives us a tree view of our Project

Tree View

From there we can navigate to any file. Source code files provide us not only with syntax highlighting but also advanced navigation. We can click on any symbol to navigate to the declaration or find usages

Find Usages

and have Upsource offer us navigable results, thus making code navigation fast and efficient.

Result Find Usages

In addition it allows us to navigate to a specific symbol much like we can in a desktop IDE.

Symbol Lookup


Code Diffs

Apart from browsing through a commit, we can also use Upsource to view differences between commits. Clicking on a specific commit provides us with information about the changes

Code Review

which is also available in a side-by-side format

Side by Side Diff

It also helps when it comes to collaborative code review. We can simply select a piece of code and create a URL which we can then send to someone else

Copy Paste


highlighting exactly what we want to focus on

Highlight Code

Finally there is also an Annotation view which provides a left pane with information about the commits



Beyond browsing: Code Analysis

All of these are good features for both individual browsing as well as collaborative code review. However, Upsource does not stop there. You may have noticed in one of the screenshots that on the right margin there was a little yellow square. Now if you’re used to our tools, either IntelliJ-based IDE’s or ReSharper, a little square in your gutter normally means you’re either good to go (Green), have some issues (Yellow) or you’ve got problems (Red).

Yes. You guessed it. That square is no less than IntelliJ IDEA Code Analysis engine, analyzing your source code and detecting the same issues you see in your IDE, in the browser.

Code Analysis

In terms of Navigation and Code Analysis, Upsource currently supports Java but there are plans on supporting other languages in the near future. Much of the groundwork to do this, which was separating the required parts from the IntelliJ platform has been done, so this opens up the door to supporting most of the languages we currently support.

Try it now

While we do not have a public EAP program yet, Upsource is available to try out as a hosted solution right now. You can navigate to and browse through two projects on there: IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and Kotlin. In addition, you can also navigate through a bunch of common JVM libraries, including the entire Android SDK.

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Android for the Busy Developer: Free 12-Lesson Course

Do you want get started with Android development but can’t seem to find the time or you are unsure where to begin? Problem solved! Dino Esposito, in cooperation with Tuts+ Premium, welcomes you to the dazzling world of Android development with this free 12-lesson course.  From start to finish, learn to build Android applications from scratch with IntelliJ IDEA.

Android for the Busy Developer course explains the key aspects of designing user interfaces; how to make an application interactive and responsive to the user’s input; the life cycle of an application; how to define activities; the process of building a list view; how to download data via HTTP from a remote endpoint; how to manage data storage and user preferences; and much more.

* Getting Started * UI Designer * Minimally Interactive
* Lifecycle * More Activities * List Views
* HTTP * Storage * Menus
* Dialogs * Preferences * Publishing

Get started today and continue at your own pace with Android for the Busy Developer.

About Dino Esposito

Dino EspositoA long-time trainer and top-notch consultant, Dino is the author of many popular books for Microsoft Press that helped the professional growth of thousands of .NET developers. He is also a Technical Evangelist for JetBrains, where he focuses on Android and Kotlin development. Follow Dino through his blog and on Twitter @despos.

About Tuts+ Premium

Tuts+ Premium courses are designed to teach you a single skill from start to finish, A – Z. Whether you want to learn the ins and outs of PHP, master your code editor, or take a computer science refresher, there’s no better place to learn.

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