PhpStorm 7.0 released: PHP 5.5, Vagrant, SSH console, debugger config validation, Drupal, frameworks & more

PhpStorm 7.0, the new major release of our professional PHP IDE, is now available for download!

This release keeps up with the latest PHP & web languages trends, providing top-notch support for the latest PHP 5.5, with improved PHP syntax coloring, new refactorings, code inspections, and more features for effective back-end development.

The key features in PhpStorm 7 include:

PhpStorm 7 also brings a brand new web toolkit:

  • Different JavaScript templates (EJS, Mustache, Handlebars) and Web Components support.

  • Support for the modern stylesheets Stylus and Compass.

  • JavaScript and Node.js: JavaScript Karma test runner, the istanbul code coverage engine, and integrated node package manager npm.

  • Major changes in the Live Edit feature and in JavaScript debugging.

This release also includes many features and improvements from the underlying IntelliJ Platform developed by JetBrains, including GitHub pull requests from the IDE, database and SQL improvements, presentation and full screen view for all platforms, and more.

Read more about these and other new features on the PhpStorm website and download a 30-day trial for your platform.

Also, PhpStorm 7.0 is a free update for you if you purchased your license after October 22, 2012!

Develop with PhpStorm 7, the PHP IDE that goes beyond the language!
– JetBrains PhpStorm Team

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109 Responses to PhpStorm 7.0 released: PHP 5.5, Vagrant, SSH console, debugger config validation, Drupal, frameworks & more

  1. BedInABox says:

    YES! Installing this today.

  2. Jose Hernandez says:

    Yes, can’t wait to try out the amazing new features. Thanks

  3. damien goujard says:

    And the PHP plugin for Idea, any release date? Thank you for this great update !

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  5. Can someone remind me how to get this properly set up in Ubuntu? If I launch, I can’t lock it normally in Unity Launcher. There is no phpStorm icon, just question mark. I know there was some trick on how to set this up properly ( I did that for phpStorm 6), but don’t remember now what was it.

  6. Patrick says:

    You guys are blowing my mind right now! Great stuff. I’m happy to see the support for Vagrant and some other things I’ve never seen before (or got around to trying out). PhpStorm has made it easier to explore new areas, so I’m definitely looking forward to trying some of these things out for sure!

  7. Bruno says:

    Would be nice if you guys start supporting Laravel, and his template engine, Blade.
    Laravel is growing so fast, and JetBrains is simpling ignoring his existence !

  8. Gotovsky says:

    Very cool features, especially SSH console!

  9. Kris says:

    No automatic update available?

  10. DownHouse says:

    Waiting for wordpress functions autocomplete.

  11. Josh says:

    Guys, that’s cool and all, but I wish you’d slow down on the new stuff, and focus instead on speed and reliability of the app. I have quite a powerful machine, but PhpStorm is still disgustingly slow on any reasonably large file. Thanks.

    • Define “quite a powerful machine”

      And what OS are you using?

      I’m running a core I7 8GB ram Fedora 19 system and PHPstorm is blazing.

      • Joel Kleppinger says:

        I have a Core i5 quadcore Ivy Bridge @ 3.1 GHz w/ 16 GB RAM and an Intel SSD on Windows 7. I generally have about 10-15 files open at a time, ranging from 100 lines to 10,000 lines.

        I have frequent stuttering issues while typing (sometimes basic add/delete keystroke edits take 3-5s to complete), usually on the bigger 3k-10k line files. All I’ve seen in response is “refactor.”

        The flip side is that searching the 1,000,000 line code base is FFAAAASSSTTT (about 10 seconds). NICE work there!

    • Carsten Decker says:

      Regarding the performance – as this is around a while and is very disturbing to work with I’ve created an issue lately – – at least in my case it seems to be related to the changes tab and git integration.

      So as I know from previous EAP releases and comments here that there are others having trouble as well don’t hesitate to add your CPU snapshots to the issue as well – I guess we all want to have this fixed … :)

      • Mikhail Vink says:

        CPU snapshots really help us to understand what can be the performance issue and we also would like to get it fixed. So yes, please do provide it to us. Thanks!

  12. Adam says:

    Attempting upgrade now and it’s asking to uninstall previous version. Will I loose my projects and settings?

  13. lanoj says:

    I still expect a full support Laravel 4 +.
    Maybe for version 8.

  14. Thanks for the Symfony plugin :)

  15. Tyler Style says:

    While I’m pleased to see new features… can you please, please, please fix the “jumping file tabs” bug for the next release. I’ve been waiting two years on this. It should be a simple fix, and it has lots of votes!!! It’s a huge UI/UX problem not to be able to consistently spatially locate a file tabe in the IDE.

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      We’ll try to do our best on this, however, we can’t provide any estimates right now. Thank you.

      • Joel Kleppinger says:

        Please do. Plus, it is crazy to me that deleting one tab with two tab rows visible can result in the remaining tabs being scattered across FOUR tab rows. The code that handles this could certainly use some optimization.

    • Anon Friend says:

      I think it’s because they rely on Java Swing which is old and outdated. I wouldn’t bet on a fix before they change that which will happen about the same time as they redo their entire interface in some other UI framework.

      Probably when more people uses linux for coding (since swing looks horrible there).

  16. Dave says:

    Love you guys! Keep up the great work!!!

  17. Sohail says:

    I requested to our support deptt. to download and distribute to all engineers.

  18. Dirkk says:

    +1 for Laravel 4.x support.

  19. Patrick says:

    I can’t open/create project. Neither create a new HTML file.

    I get the following error:

    createComponent() returns null for: classcom.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.DaemonCodeAnalyzer

    Can anyone help me? I disabled all plugins and all the stuff, but it didn’t worked. :(

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      Replied in different thread:
      We can’t reproduce the issue. Could you please try disabling all custom plugins in Settings, and then File | Invalidate Caches. If it doesn’t help – please file us an issue at with attached idea.log (Help | Show log in ..) and we’ll investigate.

  20. Max says:

    Great news !
    Is Mac OS X Mavericks fully supported ?

  21. Patrick Metz says:

    Great news, indeed.
    Today is nerd-x-mas! 8-)


  22. Volker says:

    Like the new presentation mode! There is a bug, when the “Changes” tab is open and you’re entering the presentation mode. After leaving it, the font stay big in the tab.


  23. JL says:

    I think it would be a good idea to put a step by step manual on how to update in mac


  24. Now updated and LiveEdit dosent work anymore. I reinsalled Chrome Jetbrains-Plugin and Plugin in PhpStorm 7. (BTW. thanks for the new great product Version 7)

    • Maarten Balliauw says:

      Live Edit works slightly different now: it requires a JavaScript Debug Configuration. Right-click the file in project view and “Debug” and Live Edit will work again.

      • Sebastian says:

        project view (alt+1) > “Debug” works at hoc in browser with Live Edit at new PHP-File (1) but not jet at my yesterday php-class (2).
        (1): shows me to icons. i choose first and chrome was started and liveEdit workd.
        (2): no icon only menu-entry named debug.
        probably a config issue.
        yet i also use this ahk-script as workaround:
        #SingleInstance force
        SetTitleMatchMode, 2
        SetKeyDelay, 60, 100
        Loop, 9000
        ToolTip, f7
        Sleep, 400
        ControlSend,,{f7},ahk_class MozillaWindowClass

      • thanks it works. only need to delete old configuration :
        run > edit configuration > delete from php-debug

  25. Wesam Alalem says:

    Thank you for the new update :)

  26. Julien Breux says:

    Very good news :)

    Thx lot

  27. Great! Does PHPStorm 7.0 support the latest SVN client?

  28. Latk says:

    Any chance of “vagrant provision” in the Vagrant menu?

  29. Keven Z says:

    Thank you…
    Looks more and more powerful….

  30. Mayank says:

    Id like to use your yoda pic as a facebook cover with due credits written on the pic

  31. Russell Dempsey says:

    Excellent job guys! You have come a long way since phpstorm 5! 6 and 7 have both been amazing improvements.

    Can you try to work on the version upgrading to work in-app in the future? Upgrading doesn’t happen often.. but it would make your awesome new versions much more appealing.

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      Thank you! Now we have in-app updates for all minor updates, we don’t have it for major updates as the patch would be too big, however, we’ll see where it goes.

  32. Moprit Tran says:

    Dear team,

    Thanks for your great update. I used PHPStorm from 6.0 and now 7.0 (in trial). I encounter a problem with FTP connection (Remote Project through FTP) after I upgraded PHPStorm to version 7.0, but not version 6.

    Please help me

  33. Daniel Voyce says:

    Great product guys – long time fan!
    Quick question though, Why is CakePHP never a focus for PHPStorm? it is one of the most mature frameworks out there, has a plethora of command line tools and at the moment even getting method completion is pretty painful with a lot of ghost classes needing creating to get code completion working.

    Dont get me wrong – it works pretty well already with Cake but that final finesse of integration would make a world of difference :)

  34. Chris Emerson says:

    Upgrading broke my subversion link, won’t connect now. First it complained about the svn binary not matching my working copy (worked fine in tortoise svn and phpstorm 6), so I upgraded tortoisesvn, and now it won’t connect to the repositories, saying ‘can’t create tunnel’ – it’s over svn+ssh. No idea how to fix this. V annoying.

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      What it your SVN version? Could you please report it to us at

      Thank you!

      • Chris Emerson says:

        I was on 1.7 and it didn’t work (error about svn not matching working copy), so upgraded to 1.8 which I see there are issues for anyway. Looks like I’ll have to wait – I’d report it but I don’t want to have to open another account with another bug tracker just to report an issue I have which looks like it’s covered by other open issues anyway.

  35. g.fazioli says:

    Hi guy,
    in the v7.0 release the Task/Server Settings does not work!

    Help me asap

  36. Barry Margolin says:

    They still haven’t fixed the broken Phpdoc declarations of all the mysql_XXX functions. It continues to warn “void function return value used” for all these functions. I know this extension is deprecated, but we’ve got lots of code that has been using it for years, and we’re not rewriting it.

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  38. Bas says:

    Some features I love:
    Drupal integration with coding standards checks!
    Ability to specify which function to jump into in debug mode
    SSH within the editor

    However, I’m having an issue with the SSH terminal. When I start a terminal (even just a local terminal) and then click on the code window, the network resources used by PHPStorm peak for a couple of seconds and PHPStorm becomes unresponsive during that time. After a couple of seconds it calms down. It makes it pretty much unusable for me!

  39. FardinAbo says:

    hello , can i downlaod it free or not ?

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  41. Bugi says:

    rest assured that your IDE is by far the best working environment I’ve encountered in 12 years of PHP-Programming – working on OSX.

    As far as showing the family my code after a long days work as shown in the video: you made my day! :D :D :D

  42. Marius says:

    I noticed that html attribute’s are “auto completed” by adding quotes when you hit the = sign, for the past few versions since I started using it this has only auto completed quotes when you type the first one which is quite frustrating as I keep having to go back and fix tags, is there any way to change when/how quote completion kicks in as I’d love to turn it back to the old approach (which is how the PHP part still works, just not html tag attributes).

    Otherwise a great product, phpStorm’s improved my productivity by un-measurable proportions!

  43. Jan says:

    How can you release stable with declared full(!) PHP 5.5 support when new functions added in 5.5 is still unknown to PHPStorm?

  44. Elijah Lynn says:

    How does Compass support work? I can’t seem to get it to load Compass extension/gems with the file watcher for Sass/Scss?

    • Mikhail Vink says:

      You need to enable Compass support in Settings | Compass Support. Separate filewatcher (Compass sass or Compass scss) can be created in Settings | File Watchers.

  45. Celin says:

    PhpStorm 7 is still in touch with contemporary web languages and PHP trends. Moreover, it also envelopes an array of modern tools that brings up more extensibility along with support for all major PHP frameworks.

  46. Roomcays says:

    However, more and more tools you add to PhpStorm, the more bloated it becomes.
    After switching from 6 to 7 I have faced already (after some days of regular work usage) some hangups and very low responsiveness, with no CPU peak usage.

    Will PhpStorm become another Eclipse/NetBeans in version 8 or 9?
    I hope not.

  47. Jesus Vieira says:

    In MAC OSx with SO Maverick is in trouble, auto complete does not work properly, IDE crashes a lot. I do not know where to report the bug, if anyone can help me I will be grateful.

  48. Frank says:

    Any updates on blade support (the template engine from laravel 4) – no highlighting for blade commands… :(

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