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File Watchers in PhpStorm

Imagine working on a file and running a command line tool in the background for every change made. “Why would I want that?” I hear you say. Wouldn’t it be great if the IDE could minify our JavaScript and CSS … Continue reading

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Running External Tools in PhpStorm

While PhpStorm comes with a lot of integrated utilities and tools, it is virtually impossible to include every tool out there in the IDE. A lesser-known feature in PhpStorm is support for running External Tools. With this feature we can … Continue reading

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Debugger Configuration Validation with PhpStorm

While it’s very straightforward to set up PhpStorm’s debugger, nothing is more frustrating than not getting it to work because of a tiny configuration mistake in php.ini. Speaking for myself, I’ve missed xdebug.remote_enable on a number of occasions, which usually … Continue reading

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Command Line Tools in PhpStorm

PhpStorm has had support for command line tools for a while. Using the command line tools, we can invoke commands right from our IDE! We can bring up the command line tool using the Tools | Run Command… menu or … Continue reading

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