Webinar Recording: Getting Started with TeamCity

The recording of our April 7th webinar, Getting Started with TeamCity, is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel.

Learn how to get started with TeamCity for implementing continuous integration with Wes McClure of Full City Technology Co. In addition to the video there’s a wealth of information in the Q&As section below.

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TeamCity 8.1.2 is Out

During the past month we’ve been focusing on making TeamCity more stable and bug-free, and today we are pleased to announce that TeamCity 8.1.2 has just been released!

As hinted by the version number, this is a bugfix and tweak build resolving about 80 issues, many of which we were able to investigate and fix thanks to your feedback!

The issue with notification popups in the Windows tray notifier introduced in 8.1 has been resolved, besides, this release comes with quite a few performance and usability enhancements. One of such improvements is the possibility to track memory and CPU usage by TeamCity with the new charts on the Diagnostics page of the Server Administration Web UI.

For .NET developers using JetBrains tools, this is an ideal moment to switch over to the new TeamCity build, as our VS Addin is now compatible with ReSharper 8.2. The Java code coverage engines used by TeamCity, IntelliJ IDEA and JaCoCo, now come with support for Java 8.

To take advantage of the fixes and to see why we consider the TeamCity 8.1.2 release to be the best version available, we encourage users of 8.1.1 and all prior versions to upgrade. Check out our Release Notes and download the new version now!

Happy Building!

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Continuous Delivery to IIS or Windows Azure Web Sites

Deployment pipeline in TeamCityDeploying ASP.NET applications can be done in a multitude of ways. Some build the application on a workstation and then xcopy it over to the target server. Some use a build server, download the artifacts, change the configuration files and xcopy those over to the server. The issue with that is something bad creeps in: deployments become unpredictable.

Using the premise of Continuous Delivery, we can make deployments predictable. Automating all the steps will ensure that deployments can always be done and reproduced, ideally by going through a pipeline of environments.

TeamCity may have been developed with Continuous Integration in mind, it also comes with all features required for doing Continuous Deployment!

Head over to our tutorial about Continuous Delivery to IIS or Windows Azure Web Sites and see for yourself. We’ll go over the basics of deployments for ASP.NET applications and see how we can deploy an ASP.NET MVC project to IIS or Windows Azure Web Sites from our TeamCity server by promoting our CI build to development, staging and production.

Are you already deploying with TeamCity? Or would you like to? Where to? Let us know!

Happy deploying!

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[Live Webinar] TeamCity: Getting Started with Wes McClure

Join us Monday, April 7th for our free webinar, Getting Started with TeamCity. The live event begins at 13:00 EDT (18:00 GMT) and will be led by Wesley McClure, a TeamCity expert out of Seattle, Washington.

Do you have a blossoming cross-functional team but find yourself bogged down with manual, undocumented procedures to integrate and deliver value to users? Come find out how you can leverage TeamCity to continuously build, validate, package, and deliver value.

In this session, we would like to offer assistance to those of you who are currently evaluating TeamCity or are just getting started. During registration we will collect your feedback on initial struggles you may be facing and how we can make things better. We would like to hear what you hope to get out of the session so we can gear the demonstration and conversations in that direction.

Space is limited, please register now.

About the Presenter:
Wes_McClureWes McClure is passionate about helping others achieve remarkable results with technology. Wes launched Full City Tech Co to leverage his expertise to help companies rapidly deliver high quality software to delight customers. Quality is achieved through collaborative practices like Continuous Integration. Wes has a strong background in using Continuous Integration with TeamCity to bring quality to the table. You can reach him by email.

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TeamCity 8.1.1 bugfix release is here

Since we released TeamCity 8.1, we spent most of our time fixing critical bugs. We greatly appreciate your feedback and your patience, and we are happy to announce TeamCity 8.1.1 today!

Traditionally TeamCity bugfix releases do not modify the data format, and 8.1.1 is no exception. If after installing 8.1.1 you find some new problems (which is an unlikely case, but still), you can easily switch back to 8.1 without the need to restore data from backup.

8.1.1 fixes problems with working directory in Powershell runner introduced in 8.1, compatibility issues with JIRA, and about 70 other bugs.

It is important to mention that the experimental VSTest console runner is no longer bundled with TeamCity. But there is nothing to worry about if you started using it: the plugin is available as a separate download, please see the plugin page for details.

This bugfix release also comes with support for Nuget package discovery when creating a project from URL: TeamCity now detects .nuspec files and suggests using the Nuget pack build step.

We highly recommend upgrading to the new version. See TeamCity 8.1.1 Release Notes for the complete list of fixes, and download the new version now!

Happy Building!

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SBT runner for TeamCity

If you use the power of Scala in your projects then we have news you may find interesting.

We have created a plugin for TeamCity that natively supports SBT builds which means you can build the code and run tests with TeamCity and see the results in a handy way. When SBT runner is installed into your TeamCity server all you need is to pick ‘Simple Build Tool (Scala)’ runner when creating a new build step for your build configuration. Default ‘Auto’ installation mode provides latest version of SBT on every TeamCity agent your build will be running on. No additional actions from your side are required. Add the commands you like to run and enjoy the results.

Auto mode

If something goes wrong, e.g. compilation errors occur or tests fail, you will see the details in an easy to read form.

error in compilation

tests view

If you have pre-installed SBT manually you can choose ‘Custom’ mode and specify path to SBT home directory.

Custom mode

In this mode you need to install sbt-teamcity-logger either as a plugin for your project or as a global plugin for your SBT installation. You can find more details on GitHub.

In fact, the whole support for SBT builds consists of two independent parts.

  1. TeamCity plugin that provides convenient way of setting up build step for the configuration, and

  2. SBT plugin that wraps SBT native messages in the way TeamCity can consume and understand.

In case you cannot install the plugin to your TeamCity server, you still have a way to get reporting for SBT builds. Add sbt-teamcity-logger to your project or SBT installation as mentioned above and create ‘Ant’ build step that will run SBT as a regular java process. Build results will be shown in handy way.

SBT runner is available for the latest TeamCity versions. Download it for TeamCity 8.0 or for TeamCity 8.1. Try it out and let us know what you think!.

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TeamCity 8.1: Give it a URL, Give it a Try

Greetings to all of you and congratulations on the arrival of TeamCity 8.1!

It’s half a year since TeamCity 8.0 shed light on your continuous integration process, and just when you thought you got the most fantastic build server of all, we are releasing the new and improved TeamCity 8.1!

Creating your first build in TeamCity has always been simple, but it could still be somewhat daunting for a newbie, so we did our best to simplify this process. Let’s just say TeamCity cements its reputation as the intelligent Continuous Integration Server with version 8.1: just give it the URL of your project in a version control system and jet to your first build! Seeing is better than reading, so watch the magic in action:

Besides being smarter than ever and remarkably easy to install, set up, and manage, TeamCity 8.1 brings you feature branches auto-merge for Git and Mercurial, it comes with full support for Visual Studio 2013, Subversion 1.8, Xcode 5, and more!

The list of all the benefits you gain from the new version is way too long for a blog post, so see our What’s New on the product web site and our documentation for details.

Download TeamCity 8.1 now!

Happy building!

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TeamCity 8.1 RC (build 29848) is here

Greetings! We’ve been busy since introducing the TeamCity 8.1 EAP back in October 2013. Now, after several months of working on new features, we are happy to say that TeamCity has become more stable and today we are announcing the availability of the TeamCity 8.1 Release Candidate!

In addition to the improvements in previous EAP releases, TeamCity RC build 29848 brings you:

  • command-line build steps detection when creating a project using a URL: TeamCity now proposes running command-line build steps. At the moment, .pl, .sh, .cmd and .bat scripts are supported.
  • improved error reporting for TFS

More performance and usability issues have been fixed – see the complete change log for details. Download TeamCity 8.1 for final testing and feel free to leave here any questions or comments on it!

It’s almost time to kick TeamCity 8.1 out the door, and we plan to get this released to you shortly, so stay tuned!

Happy building!

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TeamCity 8.1 EAP (build 29790) is available

TeamCity 8.1 is on the way planned to be released in first half of February 2014! We can feel your anticipation building, so you are in for a treat with this TeamCity 8.1 EAP build as it comes with a number of great features!

Improved Build Artifacts Configuration

When you set up a new build configuration, you might have a very vague idea of what the names and paths of your build artifacts will be. Now, after creating a build configuration and running the first build, TeamCity will show you the build checkout directory browser, listing the directories/files available there. All you need to do is click the directories/file names and the paths to the artifacts will be set. Another handy feature is the file size displayed in the same browser to let you know how much disk space will be consumed.

Changes Page UI

TeamCity interface is getting cooler with the reworked Changes page. Now each change has a new pie-chart icon, the pie slices showing the relative size of pending, successful, as well as old and new problematic builds affected by the change.

More Accurate Build Run Time Estimation

Prior to this version, the calculation of the running build duration was based on the average run time of the latest builds of a build configuration. Now TeamCity uses a new algorithm taking into account build stages reached by the build: if a build is still executing a build step and TeamCity knows that there are two more build steps, the system will calculate the time left for the current step execution and add the time required to complete the next two steps. The granularity of the build process analysis makes the estimates more accurate.

Other Improvements

This EAP also includes:

  • improved performance of the restore from backup operation;
  • the ability to set up an artifact dependency on a previous build of the same build configuration, which was requested by a number of TeamCity users;
  • ability to copy templates, which was another frequent request;
  • Maven 3.1 now bundled with TeamCity;
  • the bundled Ant is updated to version 1.8.4

We continue working on usability and performance, fixing bugs and getting rid of imperfections  - see the full list of changes for details!

Download the new EAP! We really appreciate you helping us a great deal to make a great product and we are excited to hear your feedback on this build before applying finishing touches to TeamCity 8.1!

Happy building!

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TeamCity 8.0.6 is available

Since bug fix release 8.0.5, many of our users and developers have contributed to making TeamCity an even better product, and today we announce TeamCity 8.0.6.

The new version comes with complete support for Visual Studio 2013, including the VS Addin, and TFS 2013. ReSharper-based Inspections and Duplicates runners are fully compatible with Visual Studio 2013 as well. Besides that we also bundled the new version of dotCover – 2.6.

This release contains more than 50 fixes including those related to integration with IntelliJ IDEA 13. It also comes with a number of performance improvements, and if you are using TeamCity 8.0.x, we strongly recommend upgrading to the newest version.

See our Release Notes for the full list of fixes and download the new build now!

Happy Building!

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