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Andrey Cheptsov is IntelliJ IDEA product marketing manager at JetBrains. He's passionate about productivity, programming languages and tools.

IntelliJ IDEA Receives Geek Choice 2014 Award from RebelLabs

RebelLabs is a technical community of passionate geeks and coders from ZeroTurnaround. They are famous for awesome productivity reports that have measured the popularity and feedback of various JVM languages, web frameworks, and developer tools for over 7 years to … Continue reading

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Try IntelliJ IDEA 14 EAP 138.1283.4 with Code Cleanup, Android Studio Beta Features and More

I bet you’ll agree with me that dealing with legacy code is not a pleasant task. Almost like cleaning up an old storage room full of dust and garbage. Even if you have powerful inspections that tell you what’s going … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording: A Playful Introduction to Rx by Erik Meijer

In case you’ve missed the awesome webinar A Playful Introduction to Rx by Erik Meijer last week, you can watch the recording published on IntelliJ IDEA YouTube channel. Learning Rx does not have to be boring or painful, working your … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.4 Update is Out

We’ve got some great news to share with you today. Finally, IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.4, packed with a bunch of long-awaited enhancements is here. Grab it while it’s fresh! If you’re running IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 and haven’t yet received a notification … Continue reading

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The Backspace Key Gets Smarter in IntelliJ IDEA 14 EAP

If you haven’t tried IntelliJ IDEA 14 EAP yet, we hope this sneak peek will convince you to, because it keeps getting better and better! One of current EAP highlights is smarter Backspace key behavior: it doesn’t just remove indents … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.4 RC 135.1228 is Out

We hope that this news will please you. Today we’ve just released IntelliJ IDEA 135.1228 build which will become the IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.4 update if no serious problems found. For  the full list of changes see Release Notes. As always don’t forget to share your feedback with us at the discussion forum and … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 14 EAP 138.1029 is out with a built-in Java decompiler

If you’ve already joined IntelliJ IDEA 14 EAP, grab the freshly baked build that we published just now. If you haven’t, it’s a perfect time to do so now. The most notable change in the new build is a built-in … Continue reading

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Meet IntelliJ IDEA Team at Java Forum Stuttgart

If you are an IntelliJ IDEA fan, join us on July 17th at Java Forum Stuttgart, where speakers from all over the world will be discussing everything Java. Come across our booth for a sneak peek at what’s new in … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 14 Early Preview is Available!

Today we are happy to announce that IntelliJ IDEA 14, codenamed Cassiopeia and scheduled for release later this year, is now available for early preview! You’re welcome to download the IntelliJ IDEA 14 EAP and see what exciting new features … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.4 EAP 135.1138 is Available

You’ll be glad to know there is a fresh EAP build of the upcoming IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.4 update, as always it comes with a bunch of small enhancements and bugfixes. Don’t forget to report found issues directly to the tracker. … Continue reading

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