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The Kotlin issue tracker is now public

Following the tradition of other JetBrains projects, we’ve opened up the issue tracker for Kotlin to the public. In the issue tracker, you can see some of our thinking and things we’re working on, and you can also file issues … Continue reading

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Why JetBrains needs Kotlin

The question of motivation is one of the first asked when someone learns that someone else is working on a new programming language. Kotlin documentation offers a fairly detailed overview of why the language exists. Still, we would like to make … Continue reading

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Slides from the JVM Language Summit presentations

Just a quick note: we’ve published the slides from the presentation and workshop that we gave on the JVM Language Summit. The presentation covers higher-order functions and typesafe builders, and the workshop covers classes, multiple inheritance, generics and class objects.

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Hello World

Today at the JVM Language Summit, JetBrains is unveiling the new project we’ve been working on for almost a year now. The project is Kotlin, a new statically typed programming language for the JVM. With Kotlin, we’re building upon the … Continue reading

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