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New and updated documentation materials

Now with the 3.2 release of MPS approaching, we’ve updated the introductory materials that aim at introducing newbies to MPS. Typical readers of this blog have probably got over the beginner stage, but many of you may still benefit from … Continue reading

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A new book on JetBrain MPS is out

We are glad to let you know about a new book dedicated to MPS: The MPS Language Workbench, Volume I. The first volume of the series is both a simple introduction to MPS and a thorough reference manual. Written by … Continue reading

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Scope documentation updated to 3.0

Listening to your numerous requests we managed to prepare an overview document describing how scopes work in MPS 3.0 and how you should use them. If scoping is something that has been puzzling you, please check out the Scope doc. … Continue reading

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JetBrains MPS build language documentation

MPS back in version 2.5 considerably improved the way projects could be built. A new build language has been created, languages can be distributed as MPS or IntelliJ IDEA plugins and you can also create standalone IDEs around your own … Continue reading

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MPS type-system debugging

Debugging typically helps you gain insight in what’s happening down in the code. Debugging the type-system is a special challenge, though. The MPS type-system engine performs type calculations on the type-system rules trying to match types to the language elements … Continue reading

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A face-lifted generator tutorial

While playing with the 3.0 EAP releases, you may consider checking out the updated MPS generator tutorial. It has undergone a major rewrite to accommodate for all the recent changes to the MPS generator and to better serve the purpose … Continue reading

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A book on DSL Engineering (and JetBrains MPS)

Here’s a tip – Markus Voelter (http://www.voelter.de/) has just published his new book, which is highly relevant to our field: DSL Engineering Designing, Implementing and Using Domain Specific Languages The book provides a thorough read on the subject, introducing the … Continue reading

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A new screen-cast series on building language extensions

Markus Voelter and Vaclav Pech sat down together and recorder an introductory MPS screen-cast series featuring some of the fundamental principles of language extensions in MPS. To learn the basics of MPS tune JetBrains TV, make yourself comfortable and have … Continue reading

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Two new screen-casts to introduce you into MPS

The JetBrains TV site now hosts two new introductory screen-casts loaded with practical tips and tricks that aim to help people start using MPS effectively. While the first demo describes how to work with the MPS editor, the second one … Continue reading

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