The MPS Workbench Volume II book ready

We have some good news for the MPS users out there today – Fabien Campagne has just sent the second volume of his MPS Workbench book to print and made it available for sale. The book continues in the good tradition set by the first volume to provide detailed reference documentation of the individual knobs and levers that MPS offers to language designers. You can find a wide range of topics covered, such as:

  • Language evolution – language versions and migrations
  • Extending the MPS UI – actions, menus, tool panels, etc.
  • The Dataflow aspect of language definition
  • The Build language
  • The Make Framework
  • Testing language definitions
  • Lightweight DSLs
  • Custom aspects
  • The Console

If you want to get a solid understanding of these advanced topics, then the book is definitely worth your time.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team

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