AppCode 3.1.6 bug fix update and UIKonf 2015

Hi everyone,

We are sorry for keeping silence for a long time. The reason for it is that we are working hard on the next AppCode EAP. However, some of you have faced a very unpleasant problem on OS X 10.10.4 beta – AppCode failed to start there correctly. That’s why we decided to publish one more update for the 3.1 version that brings a fix to you.

AppCode 3.1.6 is now available for download. You’ll also get an automatic notification about this update in the IDE, or can do AppCode | Check for Updates manually.


In case you are in Berlin next week don’t miss a chance to get an answer to your questions about AppCode right from a team member, face to face. You are very welcome to stop by our booth at UIKonf. We will be happy to chat and share ideas.

Yours as always,
The AppCode Team

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AppCode 3.1.5 bug fix update

Hi everyone,

After the release of Xcode 6.2 some of you have mentioned that AppCode misses iOS 7 and iOS 8.1 simulators in case of using this latest Xcode version. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and this update brings a fix to you.

If you’re running AppCode 3.1.4 or 3.1.3 and haven’t received a notification about the update yet, check for it via AppCode | Check for Updates. Or simply download a build from our site.

Yours as always,
The AppCode Team

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AppCode 3.1.4 bug fix update

Hi everyone,

A bug fix update, AppCode 3.1.4, is now available for download. You’ll get an automatic update notification in the IDE in case you are using AppCode 3.1.3.

This build mainly addresses a regression in Swift Rename refactoring (OC-11659) introduced in the previous build, and some cosmetics related to the IDE icons (OC-11577). Fixed now, and sorry for any possible inconvenience.

We are planning to dive into Swift language now and start the EAP build with many new features soon. Follow us to get the updates.

Yours as always,
The AppCode Team

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AppCode 3.1.3 update available

Hi everyone,

AppCode 3.1.3 is now available for download. You’ll also get an automatic notification about this update in the IDE.

This update is mostly focused on Swift support, including some new features of Swift 1.2 introduced recently.

Parameter Info
With this build a long-awaited Parameter Info feature has arrived. If you are ever unsure what exact parameters to pass to a function, Parameter Info (Cmd+P) is there to help. It shows you parameter types and available function signatures, now for Swift code as well:

Swift modules completion
While adding imports in your Swift code in AppCode you can benefit from module names autocompletion, as well as public var symbols, classes, functions and struct completion:

Swift 1.2 additions
As all of you we are really excited with the new Xcode beta published recently. And we’ve already added support for some new Swift 1.2 features! First, new ‘if-let with where-clause’ is parsed correctly in AppCode now:
Second is ‘as!’ support, also introduced in this update:

Other noticeable updates in Swift support include:

  • External parameter names are resolved correctly, and thus navigation to such parameter declarations and rename refactoring work for them now (OC-10975).
  • Completion for enum cases works since this build (OC-11459).
  • While completion lists all the available options, smart completion filters them to match the type. You can benefit from it while completing method call arguments (OC-11421).

The full list of fixed issues can be found in our tracker.

Sincerely yours,
The AppCode Team

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Learn how to be effective with AppCode from our self-contained workshop materials

Many of you ask us regularly how to start with AppCode and what’s the right way to become more productive by using it. We are handling workshops from time to time, but what if you’d like to do it on your own? We have a good answer for you! Our AppCode workshop materials on GitHub can help. We’ve collected there a number of practical exercises and tips covering main tasks you come across every day being an iOS/OS X developer. Here is a short overview how to use it and what features this workshop covers.

To start with AppCode we suggest you to use Default Keymap reference available online or in the IDE (Help | Default Keymap Reference). You can also go through the short quick start guide on our site.

Download the zip archive from the GitHub page or simply clone the project though the IDE interface. Do checkout from the version control and select GitHub there:

You’ll get the whole project then and will see the exercises for the following topics:

  • Navigation
  • Editing
  • Inspections
  • Live Templates
  • Refactoring
  • Testing
  • Todo
  • Version Control
  • CocoaPods
  • Tools

Instructions are placed in the source directory as a separate file:
Or right in the source files, in comments:

Follow these steps, learn tips, use the suggested shortcuts and see how to be effective in your iOS/OS X development with AppCode!

Develop with pleasure,
The AppCode Team

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AppCode 3.1.2 update

Hi everyone,

It’s time to start a new year with a new update! AppCode 3.1.2 with many Swift bug fixes is here. Get the update from the IDE itself or, if you like, download a fresh installer from the AppCode site.

This update includes several valuable fixes for those who are using Swift:

  • New class/file wizard is available for Swift now (Cmd+N):
  • We proceed with the resolve of the Swift code in AppCode and since this build overloaded methods are resolved correctly (OC-10956).
  • Autocompletion now works after self and super keywords (OC-11160).
  • Dictionary initializers are parsed correctly now (OC-11278).
  • Go to class (Cmd+O)/symbol (Alt+Cmd+O) was improved in a couple of useful cases (OC-11329, OC-11301, OC-11235):

The full list of fixes can be found in our tracker.

Sincerely yours,
The AppCode Team

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AppCode 3.1.1 bug fix update

AppCode 3.1.1 bug fix update is available now.

If you’re using AppCode 3.1, you’ll get a notification about available update or you can check for updates manually. Or, if you like, you can download a fresh installer from the AppCode site.

This build addresses a couple of critical fixes:

  • Garbage characters in the console window are fixed (OC-10734).
  • Kiwi tests which were not working correctly with Xcode 6.1 (and 6.2 beta) are fixed now (OC-10741).
    Please, pay attention here that the lowest supported Kiwi version is now 2.3, that means that Kiwi with OCUnit is no longer supported, so switch to to the XCTest pod to use Kiwi.

A couple of fixes for the problems with resolving and parsing in Swift code are also included into this build:

  • Getting the value in var.0-style for non-tuple types is resolved correctly now (OC-11168).
  • Negative values in enums are parsed correctly now (OC-11305).
  • Shorthand external parameters parsing errors in some specific cases are fixed now (OC-11149).

The full list of fixes can be found in our tracker.

Sincerely yours,
The AppCode Team

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Special thanks to the EAP builds evaluators


A week ago we’ve published AppCode 3.1 release, a new version of our iOS/OS X IDE with the Swift support on board. Now when you work with Swift in AppCode, you will be assisted with many essential tasks in smart ways.

Here we would like to say ‘thank you’ for all your feedback, suggestions and issues placed in our tracker during the EAP time. We appreciate this dialog greatly and believe that this helped us to improve the quality of the release. We also would like to mention several EAP evaluators which contribution was the most valuable for us and to present free licenses (or renewals) to them:

  • Chris Liscio
  • Bill A
  • Nikolaj Schumacher
  • Dee Madden

A personal message will be sent to each one with the details on how to obtain the license. If you see your name above and you do not get any e-mails during the day, ping us here in the comments.

Yours as always,
The AppCode Team

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AppCode 3.1 released!

Hi everyone,

Great news for all of us: AppCode 3.1 is officially available! You will especially like it if you’ve already started developing with Swift. AppCode will help you with many basic tasks in the smartest way possible.
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Swift & community: infographics

Hello everyone,

Update: AppCode 3.1 with Swift support is released!

While working on Swift support in AppCode, we were extremely interested in Swift popularity in the community. Our research team spent some time investigating it and trying to answer the following questions:

  • How many projects are written on Swift already?
  • In which countries Swift is most popular?
  • What does the community think about Swift?
  • How does Swift popularity grow?

And a while back we got an interesting infographics which we’d like to share with you here.
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