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AppCode 2022.3 EAP: Fixes for Swift Completion and SPM, a New UI

Hi everyone,

A new AppCode 2022.3 EAP build (223.7571.113) is available for download from our website or via the Toolbox App. You can also update from the previous 2022.3 EAP build via a patch.


Here are the highlights:

  • Swift code completion:
    • We improved init and deinit keyword completion by removing redundant spaces and adding required braces and parentheses after the keyword (OC-11400, OC-23284).
    • We improved the complete statement action for initializers and deinitializers (OC-23283).
    • The complete statement action no longer inserts braces for protocol func/init (OC-23293).

    Complete Statement

  • For SPM projects, we fixed several issues with launching tests and executables (OC-23231, OC-23215, OC-22522).
  • We added line breaks to the reader mode documentation comments to improve readability (OC-23323).
  • We fixed an issue with building to device in the Reveal integration on macOS 13 (OC-23319).

New AppCode UI available via a setting

Earlier this year, we started a preview of the new UI for our IntelliJ-based IDEs. The main goals of the UI change were to reduce visual complexity, provide easy access to essential features, and progressively disclose complex functionality as needed. The key changes in the new UI are:

  • Simplified main toolbar
  • New tool windows layout.
  • New Light and Dark color themes.
  • Updated icon set.

This resulted in a look and feel that we believe is clean, modern, and powerful. Given the millions of current users of our IntelliJ-based IDEs, we want the rollout process for the new UI to be gradual and feedback-driven.

The new UI is now available in AppCode:
New UI

We invite you to switch to it in Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | New UI. Give it a test drive and share your thoughts about this huge change with us.

You should also feel free to check out the recording of the webinar about the new UI recently held by our IntelliJ Platform team – New UI: A Glimpse at the Future.


The full release notes are available here.

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