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AppCode 2023.1 Release Candidate


On December 14, 2022, along with the AppCode 2022.3 release, we sunsetted the product and stopped sales. While we’ve re-focused the team’s efforts in other directions, we’ve kept providing technical support to our current users and are releasing bug-fix updates in 2023, targeting mostly the Xcode compatibility issues. As part of this effort, AppCode 2023.1 will be released in a few weeks.

The release candidate of AppCode 2023.1 (build 231.8109.204) is now available for download. You can get it from our website or via the Toolbox App.

AppCode 2023.1 RC

The highlights include:

  • Fixes for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile:
    • Gradle templates now run correctly on physical devices on M1 (KMA-613).
    • Breakpoints in shared code now work correctly for iOS app debugging for the KMM Gradle project with Gradle 8 (KMA-633).
    • Debugging on a real device now works and hits the breakpoints in shared code.
    • We fixed the compatibility issue with Xcode 14.3 that prevented the iOS app of the KMM Gradle project from being built or run.
  • This build includes several Xcode 14.3 compatibility fixes (OC-23492, OC-23494).
  • Swift refactorings and intentions:
    • You can now press ⌥Enter on a method and AppCode will offer to create an extension and move the current method to it.
    • We fixed the problems extracting code with escape symbols (OC-23228) and typealias used as references (OC-23230).
  • Documentation:
    • We added a new action (Build | Build/Preview Documentation) which compiles each Swift target into a DocC documentation archive:documentation
    • We improved the reader mode for different documentation comment formats (OC-23351).
  • Completion for attributes now filters the result by applicability to the current context (OC-17252).
  • We fixed an issue with navigating between parameters with Tab (OC-21888).
  • We fixed the resolution for generics from an outer class inside extensions (OC-23247).
  • AppCode now uses the information from a regular expression to correctly infer its type (OC-23075).
  • Running with code coverage for SPM no longer fails.
  • AppCode now shows compiler warnings as problems.

This version is being released from the 2023.1 IntelliJ-platform branch, which means it comes with all of the platform-wide changes and improvements, like VCS enhancements, web development features, and UI fixes and improvements. Some notable changes are:

  • It’s now possible to zoom into and out of AppCode entirely, increasing or decreasing the size of all UI elements simultaneously. Zoom the IDE in/out from the View | Appearance menu.
  • We’ve introduced a new layout option that allows you to unify the width of the side tool windows or retain the ability to freely adjust their sizes as you customize your layout. The new Remember size for each tool window checkbox is available in Settings/Preferences | Appearance | Appearance & Behavior | Tool Windows.
  • We introduced a new option to save multiple tool window layouts.
  • We’ve added VCS status color hints in the Structure tool window. Read about this and other VCS changes here.

The full release notes are available here.


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