Unit testing with AppCode 3.0 – be more productive with less effort

Hello everyone,

Today we would like to tell you more about a bunch of changes we’ve done to simplify unit testing in AppCode. We’ll assume you’ve read our post about run configurations and if you are particularly interested in running tests you can have a look at our previous post about unit testing.

The main goal of the TDD improvements in 3.0 EAP was to simplify the whole workflow. First of all, you don’t have to switch to Xcode anymore if your project doesn’t have unit tests yet: an appropriate Unit testing target can be configured in AppCode. For this open Project Settings (Cmd+;) and press Cmd+N to add target.

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Reveal your app with new AppCode 3.0 Marocchino EAP

Hello everyone!

Today we are pleased to announce a new AppCode 3.0 Marocchino EAP build. Apart from several important bugfixes this build is notable for a great new feature inside! Please, welcome.

Reveal integration
Reveal is a fantastic tool from Itty Bitty Apps that helps debugging iOS applications. With this tool you get the ability to inspect view elements and hierarchies of your iOS apps at runtime using the 2D and 3D visualisations. It gives you the benefits of simplicity allowing to select subviews and not to get lost in complex hierarchy.

AppCode’s users now have a possibility to run and refresh applications in Reveal right from the IDE. With the help of our friends from Itty Bitty Apps we’ve implemented a plugin for this purposes and made it open source under Apache 2.0 license. To try it you need new Reveal 1.0.4 and AppCode 3.0 Marocchino EAP build.
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AppCode 3.0 EAP opens with an integrated UI Designer and improved Project Settings

Hi everyone!
Spring is already here and, since it’s the time for renewal and growth, we are excited to tell you that the AppCode 3.0 Marocchino EAP is open now. We have prepared quite a lot for this build and are looking forward to telling you about the new features!

Integrated UI Designer
As some of you have already heard, we announced the UI Designer plugin preview last December. Time has passed and it is now fully integrated into AppCode.
UI Designer supports both .xib and .storyboard formats for iOS, OS X support will come later. In the EAP version Designer supports all basic editor features together with the convenient navigation, full component pallet supported by iOS SDK and Auto Layout (for the EAP there is no possibility to create layout constraints manually).
Please note that if you have already installed UI Designer plugin on your previous AppCode’s version you should uninstall it before AppCode 3.0 EAP installation.

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CocoaPods Bug Bash results


Here are some news about CocoaPods Bug Bash that has happened recently. It worked out amazingly with a nice statistics from the organizers. And the result is CocoaPods 0.31!

We also would like to congratulate the winners! The AppCode licenses will go to James Frost, Luka Bratos, Mike Walker, André Schneider, Ahmad Alokush.

Develop with pleasure!
The AppCode Team

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CocoaPods Bug Bash this weekend


Have you heard of an interesting event planned for this weekend? CocoaPods Bug Bash is going to happen! Don’t miss a great opportunity to give back to the CocoaPods project and to say hi to the authors and other Objective-C developers.

Stay tuned!
The AppCode Team

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AppCode Team on the Road in March

Hi all,

How would you like to get an answer to your questions about AppCode right from a team member, face to face? Are you curious to learn a trick or two from the IDE creators? We’ve got exciting news for you! This March we will join two fantastic events in Munich and Leicester, and we are looking forward to meeting you there in person.
At the 18th-19th of March you are very welcome to stop by our booth at Mobile Tech Conference (@MobileTechCon) in Munich. We will be happy to chat and share ideas.
If you are in Leicester area on the 17th-19th of March feel free to join us at NSConference (@nsconf). Our developers will be glad to share the AppCode knowledge with you.
For others we are still with you in all our internet resources.

See you!
The AppCode Team

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Live Webinar: Use AppCode to Develop for the Pebble Smartwatch, March 31st

Join us Monday, March 31st, 14:00 – 15:00 GMT (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT) for our free webinar, Use AppCode to Develop for the Pebble Smartwatch, with Heiko Behrens.

While many have heard of AppCode’s great feature set with respect to iOS, it’s often forgotten how versatile this IDE actually is. Not only does it provide great refactorings and navigation tooling for Objective-C and CocoaPods, but works equally well for plain C, comes with powerful features for JavaScript, and even supports your existing workflow (e.g. Git and shell scripts). During this webinar Heiko will demo all of the above.

The Pebble Smartwatch is one of the few available smart wearables with a broad user base. It provides an SDK and already integrates with products such as Runkeeper, Yelp, Foursquare, Pandora or the Mercedes Drive Kit. Heiko will show you how AppCode can help you to integrate your service with this exciting gadget.

  1. We will start with a simple iOS application in Objective-C that uses the Pebble Smartwatch as always-accessible I/O for your service right on your wrist.
  2. We will implement a stand-alone watch app based on the Pebble C-SDK and make it communicate with your iPhone via Bluetooth.
  3. We take advantage of Pebble’s JavaScript Kit that augments our previous watch app with logic that conveniently runs on both iOS and Android to perform tasks one would not try on a small embedded device that offers no more than 24k of RAM to you.

Space is limited, please register now.

About the Presenter:

Heiko BehrensHeiko Behrens is a programmer, author, and public speaker with more than a decade of commercial software development, technical writing, and on-stage presentation experience. While mostly working on mobile projects nowadays, he has in-depth experience in a broad range of technologies, contributes to various open-source projects and sharpens his skills on related topics such as podcasting or hardware, too. Follow Heiko on Twitter @HBehrens.

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GitHub right in your IDE

Collaborative coding and versioning are essential for software projects. Like many others JetBrains IDEs AppCode supports a variety of Version Control Systems including Mercurial, CVS, Git, Subversion and TFS. Actions that users are provided with in various VCS tools are integrated directly into the IDE environment and look unified regardless of exact versioning system used. A helpful webinar to start with VCS in any IntelliJ-based IDE can be found on our YouTube channel or you can read an earlier overview post.
Here we would like to share some recipes and hints for one particular system – GitHub that is one of the most popular choices in the community among all platforms for hosting Git repositories. Especially often it becomes a dock for open source ships. Like CocoaPods for example.
Available in products

Start a project
To work with GitHub first specify your credentials in Preferences | Version Control | GitHub. Now you can create a new repository for your code easily:
AppCode knows if you are able to create private repositories depending on the type of your account:
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AppCode 2.5.5 bug-fix update is available


In this update we’ve improved compatibility with the latest Xcode beta releases, fixed a couple of problems and resolved some memory issues.

In particular, we fixed a problem where in some rare cases XCTestCase subclasses might not have been recognized by AppCode as test classes (OC-9252). We also fixed image blurring effect on zoom-in in the image viewer (IDEA-98635).

The full list of changes is available here, and you can download the build from our website or via ‘Check for updates’ AppCode menu.

Develop with pleasure!
The AppCode Team

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More than Objective-C IDE

AppCode is known as an intelligent Objective-C IDE that helps iOS/OS X developers create outstanding apps with ease and pleasure. It provides you with all the advantages of coding assistance, refactorings, project navigation, code analysis and more. But did you know that all of these are available not only for Objective-C?
Well, you may have heard AppCode can deal with C and C++ with the addition of several specific features like C++11, libc++ and Boost support. But, you hardly knew that you can also develop HTML, XML, JavaScript and CSS parts for your application in AppCode. Or did you?

You can simply use all the features of AppCode IDE for C and C++: the smart editor’s features together with intelligent and reliable refactorings, code analysis and quick fixes, project navigation and debugging, quick documentation support and Unit Testing (including Google Tests).
With simple Cmd+N for example you can generate getters/setters and constructor/destructor for the class or even implement and override methods.
Press Cmd+N in a class, select what you want to generate, press Enter, see the result:
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