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Deploying PHP Applications with PhpStorm

When developing PHP applications, chances are at one point we will be deploying them. During development we may want to deploy our application to a testing/staging server or a Vagrant box. And once release day is there we want to … Continue reading

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Database Tools and SQL Editor Changes in PhpStorm 7

Always switching between the IDE and a separate database client? There’s no need to juggle apps! Using the built-in Database Tools with PhpStorm, we can setup a database connection and start creating and editing tables, views, work with data, generate … Continue reading

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Connecting to Google Cloud SQL from PhpStorm

When creating Google App Engine applications in PHP using PhpStorm, chances are that we are also using Google Cloud SQL. From our PHP code, we can easily do this by creating a new connection to our Google Cloud SQL instance … Continue reading

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Introducing PhpStorm Video Tutorials

A lot of PhpStorm users have been asking us to create a series of video tutorials. Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of about two hours of video tutorials around PhpStorm which Maarten has been working on for the … Continue reading

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Working with Windows Azure SQL Database in PhpStorm

PhpStorm provides us the possibility to connect to Windows Azure SQL Database right from within the IDE. In this post, we’ll explore several options that are available for working with Windows Azure SQL Database (or database systems like SQL Server, … Continue reading

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