Integrated Database Console

The latest PhpStorm EAP (build 94.430) contains a good number changes in Database-related functionality. Namely:

  • A dedicated Database Console tool-window
  • Сonsole-like UI keeps input and output in one place and retains the highlighting for execution history
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts for all Console actions (in IDE Settings)
  • Per-result Page Up, Page Down and Refresh actions
  • Complete support for In-Memory Databases (try running some DDL in Console then click Refresh Tables and all the tables will be loaded in the Data Sources tree)
  • Quick Table Contents Lookup using the standard Quick Documentation Lookup action. Try Ctrl+Q on a table name anywhere in the IDE!

Try all this in the latest EAP and let us know what you think.

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  • Dmitriy

    I set up Data Source. I have autocomplete for tables names in database console tab. How I can get autocomplete at least for tables names in .sql files?

  • raveren

    How do you set it up? The add connection dialog is not self-explanatory nor could I find any info on it. It asks me for a java.sql.driver file, I’m really lost.

  • gregsh

    You need a JDBC driver for your database in order to communicate with it. You can try google it yourself otherwise you can use the “Find JDBC Driver on the Web” button in the panel toolbar.

  • gregsh

    Completion works in *.sql files just as it works in console. If you have troubles with it please visit our forum at and ask this question there. Don’t forget to provide more information concerning the problem such as SQL dialect, statement text, place of completion.

  • Zyava

    @gregsh I asked my question here: . Hope somebody has answer.

  • Bob

    a good update for console

  • ralph lauren polo

    Thank you for your information!

  • Christian Hünniger


    very cool feature, i like it :-)