PyCharm 1.2 EAP build 105.13; Python version compatibility inspection

We’re happy to announce the availability of a new EAP build of PyCharm 1.2. This could have been the final release, however, the Django team announced that the Django 1.3 release is going to be postponed by another week, and we’re also going to use that time to make PyCharm 1.2 an even better and more stable release.

One new feature in PyCharm 1.2 which I would like to highlight specifically, and which wasn’t mentioned in the release notes for the first EAP build, is a new Python version compatibility inspection. Previous versions of PyCharm validated the syntax and libraries usage according to the Python intepreter selected for the project. The new inspection allows you to specify a range of Python versions that your code needs to be compatible with, and highlights all code which is illegal in any of the selected versions. This greatly facilitates development of code targeting multiple Python versions, and can also be used to smooth out migration to Python 3. In many cases, we also provide quickfixes to automatically convert the code to compatible syntax.

The inspection can be enabled and configured in Settings | Inspections.

You can download the new build and see the release notes on the EAP page.

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4 Responses to PyCharm 1.2 EAP build 105.13; Python version compatibility inspection

  1. Chris says:

    Very cool.

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  3. Having a lot of performance issues with this one on Windows 7. :(

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