PyCharm 2024.1 Is Here! Hugging Face Model Card Previews, Local Full Line Code Completion Updates, and more!

PyCharm 2024.1 is out with many key updates, including full line code completion for frontend frameworks, documentation preview for Hugging Face models and datasets, and multiple improvements to the user experience – just to name a few!

You can download the latest version from our download page, or even easier, update your current version through our free Toolbox App.

Read our What’s New page to learn about all the new features.

download pycharm 2024.1

PyCharm 2024.1 key features 

Hugging Face: Quick documentation preview for models and datasets 

Save time by accessing Hugging Face models and dataset documentation seamlessly in PyCharm without switching context. Hover over a dataset or model name to view the description in a popup.

Hugging Face quick documentation

Local ML-based full line code completion for JavaScript and TypeScript [PyCharm Professional]

Code quickly and efficiently with full line code completion. While previously only available for Python, it has now been extended to support JavaScript, TypeScript, and other popular frontend frameworks. This advanced ML-driven feature operates locally while providing context-aware suggestions tailored to your coding needs. 

full line code completion

Watch the video to see the full line code completion features in action:

Sticky lines in the editor

Simplify working with large files and exploring new codebases with our new sticky lines feature. This feature pins key structural elements like the beginnings of classes or methods at the top of the editor so that scopes always remain in view. 

sticky lines

In-editor code review

PyCharm 2024.1 brings a new code review experience for GitHub and GitLab, and promotes direct interaction between authors and reviewers.

This new review mode, which is integrated with the editor, lets you review original code and comments directly when checking pull/merge requests, ensuring all changes are clearly understandable.

Local filtering in the data editor [PyCharm Professional]

You can now filter data without the need to create and execute queries. This time-saving feature enables you to swiftly refine data views, significantly enhancing productivity. 

local filtering

New terminal [Beta]

Try PyCharm’s new terminal to streamline command-line tasks. Seamlessly switch between prompts and outputs with keyboard shortcuts, utilize command completion, and more!

new terminal

But wait, there’s more to explore! In addition to these updates, we’ve implemented significant improvements across the IDE’s database tools, web development features, and VCS support. Get all the details in our release notes so you don’t miss out on trying anything new.

We’re always working to make PyCharm better for you. If you come across any bugs, please let us know in our issue tracker so we can fix them right away!

Don’t forget to connect with us on X (formerly Twitter) to share your thoughts on PyCharm 2024.1. We’re eagerly waiting to hear them!

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