Announcing the final PyCharm 3.1.2 release update

Happy Friday everyone!

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of the PyCharm 3.1.2 update which is hopefully going to be the last release in PyCharm 3.1.x series!

Thanks everyone for giving us a lot of helpful feedback and reporting problems to our public tracker. You helped us a lot so we managed to fix a lot of problems. All fixes are applied to both free and open-source PyCharm Community Edition and advanced PyCharm Professional Edition with respect to supported functionality in these two editions. So as a recap, the most notable fixes in PyCharm 3.1.2 are: Django and JavaScript fixes, Nose test runner fixes, some fixes in code editor and in SQL support. Some problems with code navigation and in debugger for Python 3.4 are fixed as well. We also included a lot of performance enhancements into this release. For Mac users: we turned off native Mac message boxes by default to avoid UI locks. You can always turn them back on by setting in the configuration file.

You can review the complete list of changes here:
1. fixes between 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 RC
and here:
2. fixes between 3.1.2 RC and the final 3.1.2 release build.

The PyCharm 3.1.2 build is available for download, and you can also use the patch-based upgrade to upgrade from previous PyCharm versions without a full reinstallation.

And as for what’s coming up next – please stay tuned for the start of PyCharm 3.4 Early Access Preview program (EAP)!

Develop with pleasure!
-PyCharm team

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Announcing PyCharm 3.1.2 Release Candidate

Happy Friday everyone!

We are happy to announce the availability of the PyCharm 3.1.2 Release Candidate. Since the previous bugfix update of PyCharm 3.1, we’ve gathered a lot of fixes, enhancements and performance improvements in various PyCharm’s subsystems. We’re almost ready to release them to you as PyCharm 3.1.2, but before we do that, we’d like to make sure that the build is good enough and doesn’t contain any showstoppers. That’s why we’re releasing PyCharm 3.1.2 RC today.

Installers for PyCharm 3.1.2 RC (build 133.1143) can be found on Early Access Preview page.

The complete list of changes can be found here: PyCharm 3.1.2 RC release notes

Patch updates from previous versions should be available soon. Just make sure you’ve enabled the “Early Access Preview” update channel in your update settings. In case you want to keep your current PyCharm installation untouched, but still want to try new RC version, please don’t use patch update, but install the new version alongside from scratch.

We hope there will be no major bugs in this build so we’ll finally release it as PyCharm 3.1.2 on the next week.
As always, please report any problem you found to our public issue tracker. Thus you help us making PyCharm better.

Follow us on twitter to receive our latest news.

Develop with Pleasure!
-PyCharm team

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Discover PyCharm 3.4 future plans

Yes it’s that time again! We’re eager to share our future plans for PyCharm 3.4, the upcoming update of our most intelligent Python IDE, to start off the discussion and of course get your valuable feedback.

The release theme is going to be “User experience and performance improvements“. PyCharm 3.4 is planned for release in April – May 2014. The roadmap is neither a finalized list of tasks to be implemented in PyCharm 3.4 nor a promise to include everything into the upcoming release. The roadmap is flexible, so we can probably add or remove something from the list.

We’re starting PyCharm 3.4 Early Access Program as soon as we are ready to show you something from the new feature set. So stay tuned and file your requests or wishes to our Public Tracker meanwhile.

The most noteworthy things from the current PyCharm 3.4 Roadmap include:

-  A number of performance improvements in different parts of PyCharm
- A bunch of usability improvements like temporary buffer for editing, Python live templates and new project wizard
-  Django 1.7 support
-  Improvements of remote development features
-  Debugger impovements
-  and a lot more…

In planning this release we decided to focus on performance optimizations and usability improvements, putting emphasis on delivering even more fast and steady solutions for your development needs.
We really hope you’ll enjoy these new improvements coming soon in PyCharm 3.4. If you have any comments, suggestions or queries, please feel free to share them right here in our blog or post them to our or Discussion Forum. Also, follow us on Twitter @pycharm to stay tuned to the latest PyCharm news.

Develop with Pleasure!
PyCharm Team

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PyCharm 3.1.1 and Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 13 have been released

Today we’ve published PyCharm 3.1.1 update!
We’re continuously working on improving the quality of PyCharm, thereby the final release of PyCharm 3.1.1 includes a number of essential fixes. PyCharm 3.1.1 has the same set of fixes as the last PyCharm 3.1.1 RC build 133.865 had. So the release notes for PyCharm 3.1.1 RC also apply to this final PyCharm 3.1.1 release build 133.881. The most notable fixes in PyCharm 3.1.1 are: hangs while indexing, test runner and file sync when switching to/from terminal tabs fixes.

We know that many of you have been looking for IntelliJ IDEA Python plugin update, because we received a lot of questions about that. Fortunately, recently we’ve published the updated Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 13. It is available now and can be used with both IntelliJ IDEA 13 Community and Ultimate editions. So be sure you download the correct Python plugin for your IntelliJ IDEA edition. Here is the Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and here is for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition. This updated plugin contains the functionality comparable with latest PyCharm 3.1.

Check out what’s new in PyCharm 3.1 and updated Python plugin.

Visit our confluence page to learn more about PyCharm and Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Stay tuned for further updates, and if you encounter any problems with this new update, please report them to our public tracker!

Develop with pleasure
-PyCharm team

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PyCharm 3.1.1 Release Candidate bug-fix update is out

Today we’ve published PyCharm 3.1.1 RC bug-fix update.
The release notes include many fixes both in the Python-specific features of PyCharm and in the underlying platform. The most notable among them are: hangs while indexing fix, test runner fixes and file sync when switching to/from terminal tabs fix.

The build is available for download, and you can also use the patch-based upgrade to upgrade from within the IDE (from PyCharm 3.1 only) without a full reinstallation.

Hopefully there will be no problems with this build, so we’ll release the final PyCharm 3.1.1 build soon. Anyway, if you encounter problems, please file them to our public tracker.

And as for what’s coming up next – we are going to publish the PyCharm 3.4 development roadmap soon to discuss it with you.

Develop with Pleasure!
-PyCharm team

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[Webinar Recording] Python for the C# Developer

The recording of our February 6th webinar, Python for the C# Developer, is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel. Michael Kennedy’s presentation and the code used in the recording can be found on GitHub.

Learn about some of the loved things from C# that can accomplished in Python and how it is done: Lambda expressions, foreach loops, rich class library, iterators and more.

If you use C# and .NET, you may be surprised to find out how many of the features that you love also exist in Python (often first). Python is a wonderful language. It is a clean, high-level language which values readability over many trade-offs.

You can build web applications serving billions of monthly page views. You can build cross-platform GUI applications such as DropBox. You can access amazingly powerful database servers such as MongoDB and SQL Server.

For more information about Michael, please visit  and follow him on Twitter @mkennedy.

Develop with pleasure!
– PyCharm team

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Announcement: PyCharm 3.1 has been released!

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of PyCharm 3.1, a minor update for our intelligent Python IDE that’s still full of new features. PyCharm 3.1 is available as a Professional Edition or the free and open-source Community Edition.

Download PyCharm 3.1 for your platform now!

We are sure you’ll enjoy many improvements. We’ve done our best to bring the latest updates and improvements from the Python world and Web technologies to PyCharm while still maintaining the stability and robustness that you have come to expect.

For this new PyCharm 3.1 release we have improved and optimized different parts of PyCharm, including new features from the underlying IntelliJ Platform, which is constantly being enhanced. PyCharm now supports the latest Python 3.4 and Django 1.6, and offers refined Google App Engine support.

What’s new?

Python 3.4 support

PyCharm 3.1 now supports Python 3.4 with all of its new libraries and features. Now you can switch to the new interpreter with confidence and enjoy all the advantages of the latest Python.

Django 1.6 support

PyCharm 3.1 is more complete with support for the latest Django 1.6. All bugs that appeared in the new Django version are now fixed, so nothing should stop you from updating your development environment.

Google App Engine enhancements

Google App Engine support has been refined in a few places. Notably, Google App Engine run configurations have been unified with those for Django. Second, GAE integration now works fine with user authentication (with username and password). We also sneaked in a few new specific inspections to provide even better code assistance.

Hopefully these new features will really improve your development processes and your user experience.

Some other highlights in this release include:

- Enhanced Vagrant support backed up with provider selection and plugin management:










- Local terminal now includes draggable and improved terminal tabs, supports splits and other extremely useful features:









- New optimized language injections for formatted and concatenated SQL strings:

General workflow optimizations:
- Python skeletons generation process (code insight engine) is now moved to background – so there is no time consuming modal window any more that prevents you from coding just after adding a new interpreter! Note that code inspection errors are not shown during this process:







- Python interpreter is now autodetected, and in case no interpreter is available PyCharm does not highlighting code errors. All this allows you to start coding with minimum delay.

Some performance optimizations:

Since releasing PyCharm 3.0 we started investing more in performance improvements and optimizations. This update includes just a few: better and faster resolve into heavy binary modules like PyGTK and PyQT, and performance fixes when editing large *.po files.

Stay tuned for more generic performance enhancements in the next PyCharm release!

New UI and Platform features:

As we said earlier, one key benefit of v3.1 is that it includes the many benefits and bug-fixes of the latest IntelliJ Platform.

- New PyCharm interface
It’s even more minimalistic and functional, with the toolbar and tool window buttons hidden by default. You can always bring it back by using View | Toolbar and View | Tool Buttons (or just the special icon in the left-bottom corner).

- Lens Mode
Hover the mouse over a warning, error strip or just some section on the scroll bar with the mouse, and PyCharm will show you the source code fragment annotated with the warning/error message:

- Search Everywhere
Chances are you already take advantage of Go to Declaration, Navigate to Class/File/Symbol, Find Action and other advanced navigation features. Then you’ll love the brand new powerful Search Everywhere to find a class, file, action or even an IDE setting, always using the same action. Just try it by pressing Double-Shift:

- Speed Search
The new Speed Search makes easier to navigate over the items thanks to highlighting matches:

- Navigate to folder
You can navigate to a folder just as quickly as to a file, by using the Navigate to File action ( Navigate | File… ):








- Better performance with faster Find Usages and Navigate to actions, and more responsive editor during indexing. Frequently used symbols now appear in the results of Find Usages faster than before.

- Improved Find in Path action with the ability to search over comments and String literals (you can search over the project using specific scopes):

- New fast and powerful log viewer for Git and Mercurial:

- Support for Subversion 1.8 (via the native client).

- Even more Database tools and SQL support improvements.

- Retina support in JDK 7 (more information).

- And much more. (See the IntelliJ IDEA 13 what’s new page for more information)

Check what’s new in PyCharm 3.1 on our web site and download the IDE for your platform.

For the details on the differences between Community Edition and Professional Edition, please see Editions Comparison.

PyCharm 3.1 Professional Edition is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after February 4, 2013. As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try PyCharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team


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PyCharm Release Candidate 3

Happy Friday everyone,

Today, PyCharm delivers the third release candidate of the upcoming PyCharm 3.1. Despite the fact that we intended to release PyCharm 3.1 on this week, we hit into a couple of critical bugs after the RC2 announcement. Luckily we’ve already fixed them, so today we are announcing the updated RC build – PyCharm Release Candidate 3.
Those critical bugs that have been fixed in PyCharm 3.1 RC3 and a few other can be found in Release Notes.

Download PyCharm 3.1 Release Candidate 3 for you platform from the Early Access Preview page.

Please provide your feedback and file any arising problem to our public tracker.

The final version will be available next week This last RC is intended for verifying no showstoppers will creep into the final release of PyCharm 3.1.

Develop with Pleasure!
PyCharm Team

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The last PyCharm 3.1 Release Candidate 2

Yes, it’s that time again! After a few days of bug fixing and careful testing since previous PyCharm 3.1 RC we are so close to the final PyCharm 3.1 release. Since the upcoming release build is going to be very stable, we decided to give it an additional spin. So today we are announcing the availability of the second and most probably the last PyCharm 3.1 Release Candidate.

The last couple of days we’ve been only fixing bugs. So no any new functionality in this build. The complete list of bug fixes can be found in the Release Notes.

Please download this final PyCharm 3.1 Release Candidate 2 for your platform from the EAP page and give it a try. Should you encounter any problems with this release, please report them to our public tracker immediately.

The final release of PyCharm 3.1 was planned for this week. Hopefully, if no major problems arise we’ll announce it tomorrow!

Develop with Pleasure
-PyCharm team

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Announcing the PyCharm 3.1 Release Candidate

We’re happy to announce that the PyCharm 3.1 Release Candidate is now available. We are now approaching the final steps towards PyCharm 3.1 final release which is planned to be released soon depending on your feedback.
Generally speaking, feedback on the previous EAP build #133.673 has been positive and we believe the Release Candidate will be even better. That’s why we invite you all to try it out. Please take it for a spin and give us feedback. The PyCharm 3.1 RC build is available for download from the Early Access Preview page.

This build includes some code insight fixes, a bunch of performance enhancements and one more portion of fixes making Python formatter compliant with PEP8. The complete list of those and many other fixes can be found in the Release Notes.

We hope that there will be no major bugs, but anyway, should you encounter any problems, please report them to our public tracker.

Stay tuned, follow us on twitter and develop with pleasure!

-PyCharm team

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