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Help Us Improve and Win a License

It has been a while since the last time that we updated our website design, nearly three years ago when we switched to the current design from the one below. We’re thinking about making another update some time soon, but … Continue reading

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Introducing new edition of PyCharm for interactive Python learning

Learning to Code with Python When should one start learning coding? Some think it’s best to start when you are young but no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to learn new things. Many developers, if you … Continue reading

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JetBrains Student Program: 34k Students Join in Two Weeks

It’s been almost two weeks since we first launched our free Student License program. To put it mildly, these have been very interesting and busy days. Here’s a quick recap: On September 23rd, we announced our Student License program initially … Continue reading

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Watch JetBrains Day Event LIVE

JetBrains Day @FooCafé in Malmö, Sweden, takes place Saturday, September 7th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time (GMT+2). It is a pity if you can’t attend in person as you will miss some of the surprises that we … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA is the base for Android Studio, the new IDE for Android developers

We are happy to confirm that Android Studio, the new IDE for Android development that Google is developing in cooperation with JetBrains, is based on the IntelliJ Platform and the existing functionality of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. IntelliJ IDEA had … Continue reading

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JetBrains Research Labs Quarterly Report

Hi everyone! Can you believe 2013 is ¼ done already? We’ve been busy though, and not merely to update our existing products. Let me bring you up to speed on some of our latest research. Augmented Reality in Coders’ Daily … Continue reading

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To all who placed an order during the End of the World Sale

Wow, this was a real doomsday… The promo is over now and the world still exists. Our heartily congratulations, everyone! Now, going back to business, there’s a long queue of orders that you have placed during the promo. Our payment … Continue reading

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JetBrains End of the World Clearance Sale! 24 Hours Only!

So, what do you think about the Mayan prophecy? Are we all doomed and the world ends tomorrow? While we all wait in anticipation, here’s something else that may interest you. Starting now and only in the next 24 hours … Continue reading

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