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Fleet Preview Update 1.12: C++, C# Solution View, Svelte, TailwindCSS, Smart Mode Memory Optimizations and More

We have released the last big update for Fleet Preview in 2022. It includes some large and anticipated changes to support for various technologies and several general product improvements. Here are the highlights:

  • Fleet now supports C++ projects with compilation databases. In smart mode, things like error highlighting, C++ code completion, parameter info, code documentation preview, and Rename refactoring are available.
  • Initial support for Svelte has been added and we’ll be improving it in future updates together with the WebStorm team. Please try it out and share your feedback.
  • We’ve added the Solution View, which is vital for C# developers. It becomes available when you open a solution (.sln file) or a .cs file from the Files view when Smart Mode is enabled. The Solution View shows you the solution structure you’re used to seeing in your IDE, including a list of projects in the solution, solution folders, and project dependencies (both NuGet and other projects from the solution), but hides technical subfolders, such as bin and obj folders. You can now build, rebuild, and clean your solution, as well as add a new project to the solution, right from the Solution View. Just use the context menu for the solution node in the Solution View.
  • Basic support for TailwindCSS has been added. To make it work, install the TailwindCSS language server separately using: npm install -g @tailwindcss/language-server. The language server will be bundled in future versions.
  • Structure View and Goto Symbols in File (Cmd+Shift+O / Ctrl+Shift+O) now work for JSON and YAML files.
  • HTML tags are renamed automatically when an opening or closing tag is edited.
  • ‘Quick Fix’ list options (Alt+Enter) are now filtered as you type.
  • Launcher CLI for installing Fleet on a remote machine no longer has the --no-intellij option. Fleet workspace will now download the backend automatically if it’s necessary and Smart Mode is enabled. This is a breaking change, so make sure to download the latest version of the launcher by following the Install section in the docs. There is no support for earlier versions of Fleet, as we are still in Preview.
  • The selected Python interpreter will be preserved for any workspace after Fleet restart.
  • Smart Mode served by the IntelliJ engine now consumes less memory by default. If the engine detects that the allocated memory is insufficient, it will increase the amount automatically. It is also possible to configure memory allocation manually in the workspace’s settings.json file.

See the full release notes for details about all 80+ changes and let us know how it works for you.

To download the update, check your Toolbox App and install version 1.12.97.

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