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AppCode 3.0.2 bug-fix update is available

Hi everyone, In this update we’ve improved compatibility with the latest Xcode 6 beta releases (including beta 2 and beta 3) and iOS 8 and fixed a couple of problems. For instance, here are several crucial problems that were addressed … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording: Embracing AppCode 3

The recording of our June 12th webinar, Embracing AppCode 3, is now available on JetBrainsTV YouTube channel. In this webinar, Rafał Legiędź shows some “standard” magic like code assistance, code generation and refactoring features, goes through debugging and CocoaPods support, … Continue reading

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Context-sensitive analysis with AppCode 3: Never miss a value again!

One of the most notable features of AppCode is code analysis, which helps keep your code accurate and clean. The flexible mechanism of resolving problems works on the fly and allows you to easily improve code structure, detect unreachable and … Continue reading

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AppCode 3.0.1 update: Xcode 6 and basic Swift support

Last week Apple presented a bunch of new fantastic software pieces and technologies for iOS/OS X developers. New OS X, new iOS, new Xcode and even a new language! These innovations looks really impressive and promising, and we know you … Continue reading

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Thanks & Gratitude from our team

Hello everyone, A week ago we’ve published AppCode 3.0 release. With all the new features and improved workflow with less switches we hope this version will make you more productive. And now it’s time to thank those users who evaluated … Continue reading

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UIKonf 2014 Winners of AppCode License Raffle

Hello everyone, UIKonf 2014 in Berlin was great and hopefully all the attendees enjoyed it as we did with all the interesting talks and productive meet-ups. And thanks for everyone who came to our booth and talked to the team! … Continue reading

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Welcome AppCode 3.0: UI Designer, Reveal plugin, code generations for TDD, multiple selections and more

Hello everyone, Big day today as we’ve just released AppCode 3.0, your new favorite IDE for iOS/OS X development! We focused on making v3.0 a more complete and productive development experience for you. We listened to your feedback and introduced … Continue reading

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AppCode 3.0 Release Candidate

Hello everyone, AppCode 3.0 is just around the corner, and so today we’d like to introduce you the Release Candidate. AppCode 3.0 RC is available for download on our confluence page. Since it’s a release candidate build, there is no … Continue reading

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Third AppCode 3.0 Marocchino EAP: convert-to-literal inspection and bug fixes

Hello everyone, Together with all of you we are looking forward to final AppCode 3.0 release. Today the third AppCode 3.0 EAP build became available. We’ve decided to polish our IDE a bit. So this EAP is mostly about fixing … Continue reading

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Unit testing with AppCode 3.0 – be more productive with less effort

Hello everyone, Today we would like to tell you more about a bunch of changes we’ve done to simplify unit testing in AppCode. We’ll assume you’ve read our post about run configurations and if you are particularly interested in running … Continue reading

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