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CLion 2024.1 EAP 5: Improved STL Container Rendering in the Debugger and VCS Enhancements

The CLion 2024.1 EAP 5 build (241.14494.27) is now out! It’s available from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package if you’re using Ubuntu.


The highlights:

  • We’ve addressed an issue with CMake reloads stalling when working with the remote host toolchain.
  • We’ve improved type rendering when debugging in several ways:
    • CLion now shows the size of STL containers in the Debugger view.
    • The presentation of std::span (CPP-25195) and std::optional (CPP-29109) has been improved.
    • We’ve addressed the Null value return for children error that occurred while rendering fs::path values in the Debugger view.
  • The Assembly view is now more accurate for remote toolchains and cases with cross-compilation. Before, CLion would simply use the architecture of the machine where it was running, but now it tries to infer this architecture from the compiler output. (CPP-36204)

This latest CLion EAP introduces refreshed product icons in line with updates across all JetBrains IDEs, enhancing visual appeal and consistency across the ecosystem.

New icons

Several recent 2024.1 EAP builds also brought numerous improvements for VCS support:

  • An option to exclude folders and files from comparison in the diff viewer.
  • Improved search functionality in the Branches popup.
  • Support for --update-refs for interactive rebase.
  • A more streamlined and agile code review workflow for both GitHub and GitLab.
  • The ability to check CI statuses in the Git tool window.
  • A pre-commit check to prevent large file commits to repositories.

Check out our blog posts for more details about these and other enhancements to the VCS subsystem (1, 2). For the full release notes, see our website.


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