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CLion Nova – Final Update

CLion Nova is a free preview version of CLion equipped with the ReSharper C++/Rider C++ language engine. We started it as a stand-alone preview in November 2023, and since then we’ve received tons of positive and inspiring feedback. Based on that feedback, we’ve added a setting to the recent CLion Classic 2024.1 EAP 4 that allows you to switch to CLion Nova directly in the IDE. Now that the two versions are fully merged, this will be the last CLion Nova build we release.

Final CLion Nova Update

How to continue using CLion Nova

Today we are announcing the final build of CLion Nova. We encourage you to use CLion Nova inside CLion Classic and share your feedback with us! Note the following:

  1. This final CLion Nova build 241.14024.27 will expire 30 days from today.
  2. No more separate CLion Nova preview builds will be published.
  3. The CLion Nova toolbox feed will suggest updating to CLion Classic.
  4. To continue using CLion Nova, enable it in CLion Classic via Settings / Preferences | Advanced Settings | CLion | Use the ReSharper C++ language engine (CLion Nova).

Major improvements in the final build

This build brings several important improvements and addresses a number of annoying exceptions.

Fixes for most critical issues

We addressed several critical issues that led to document changes being lost on IDE startup (CPP-36609) and prevented users from typing in the editor (CPP-37286, CPP-37194).

This build also brings fixes for many annoying exceptions thrown by the IDE.

C++20 module enhancements

Thanks to the ReSharper C++ team, CLion Nova has received a couple of valuable improvements for C++20 modules:

  • The process of module discovery was updated, bringing support for internal partition units, which are module partition units that do not contribute to the external interface of a module.
  • The footprint of exported modules has been reduced, enhancing performance in projects that use C++20 modules. To achieve this, the internal representation of exported C++20 modules was reworked to facilitate transitive references to entities imported from other modules. Previously, these entities were re-exported from the module that imported them.

Setting updates

We restored the missing settings in Language & Frameworks | C/C++, like Code Generation and Order of #includes:

Order of includes

We also restored the settings for the Doxygen documentation style (Settings/Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | C/C++ | Code Generation | Documentation Comment Template). You can once again select between the @ and \ formats:

Documentation generation settings

We fixed the problem causing live templates not to persist after restarting the IDE (CPP-36822).

Other fixes in this build include address code completion, refactorings, documentation generation, and more. Check out this page for the full release notes.


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