Live Webinar: Developing Test Automation Scripts with RubyMine and Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan – September 10th

Join us Tuesday, September 10th at 14:00 GMT for a free webinar, Developing Test Automation Scripts with RubyMine with Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan.

Test Automation has been a very hot topic in the industry for the past few years. The need for rapid feedback on the quality of the application has driven a lot of innovation in this space with much of it taking place on the Ruby platform. This has positioned RubyMine as a convenient tool for the testing community.

Join Cheezy as he develops automation against a web application and demonstrates how the cucumber, refactoring, and git support from RubyMine streamline this development effort. Space is limited, please register now.

About Jeff Morgan (@chzy)
Jeff "Cheezy" MorganJeff “Cheezy” Morgan is CTO and a cofounder of LeanDog. He has been coaching teams on Agile and Lean techniques since 2004 with a focus on the Engineering practices. For the past three years he has experienced great success and recognition for his work focusing on helping teams adopt Acceptance Test Driven Development using Cucumber. He is the author of several popular Ruby gems used by software testers throughout the world. He regularly teaches ATDD with Cucumber classes and workshops.

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A Touch of Magic: Debugging Ruby with RubyMine

Hello everyone,

Navigation in RubyMine

Click to view the demo

No matter how good are you at programming, the seemingly endless and exhausting debugging sessions will happen. The following video is meant to show you how to sugarcoat this routine with the help of RubyMine graphical debugger and make it as pleasant as it can be. As a bonus, we discover some of the tricks related to Ruby counting and math objects and operations. If you want further reading about debugging with RubyMine, go to WebHelp.

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RubyMine Momiji EAP is Open!

Hello everyone,

RubyMine Momiji EAPLess then a month ago we published the roadmap for the next version and today you can already try RubyMine Momiji EAP. In line with our naming convention, we used codename ‘Momiji’, which is Japanese stands for Smooth Japanese Maple, a kind of woody plant.

Here are some reasons why you might want to download it. One of the most requested and long awaited features is multiple projects support. This becomes very handy when you’ve got to work with different projects simultaniously. Now you can see and navigate through all the files you need in one RubyMine instance:

Multiple Projects Support in RubyMine Momiji

    Other improvements include:

  • Performance optimization;
  • Support for the Terminal inside the IDE;
  • Zeus support;
  • Migration fields in structure view for models for Rails applications;
  • Duplicates search for Extract Method refactoring for Ruby applications and more.

Please take a look at the release notes for more details and try RubyMine Momiji. As usual we appreciate your feedback, and you’re encouraged to stay tuned to learn more about other changes and improvements in RubyMine Momiji.

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Navigation with RubyMine: Travelling Through Code

Hello everyone!

Navigation in RubyMine

Click to view the demo

The more source code a project contains, the easier it is to get lost in it, and at times we have to spend a lot of time to get out of the woods and find what we’re looking for. Watch the following screencast to learn how you can use navigation features in RubyMine to quickly find what you need even in the largest and most complicated projects.

See RubyMine Web help and Keymap reference for more details.

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RubyMine Momiji Roadmap

Hello everyone,

First, we want thank you all for the feedback regarding the latest RubyMine, we hope our recent changes really help you develop iOS and OS X applications with pleasure. But life goes on and we keep on moving forward to make RubyMine an even better place to code.

So please welcome the roadmap for the next version which is codenamed Momiji. At the moment there are two major focuses of this upcoming release: improving Ruby support and performance optimization.

As for other changes, they will include:

  • Multiple projects support;
  • Zeus integration;
  • Chef support;
  • New refactorings: Extract class and Find duplicates for Extract Method;
  • General code insight improvements;
  • Remote interpreters support improvements, and more.

Stay tuned not to miss the EAP launch!

As a part of our performance improvements we’re moving Ruby extensions for RubyMine from the core to a plugin. If you’re using any non-builtin scripts in Settings | Extensions, please contact us.

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RubyMine 5.4.3: RubyMotion is All Around

Hello everyone,

As far as you know starting with version 5 RubyMine is not only Ruby and Rails IDE, but RubyMotion IDE as well. Since then we’ve met a lot of people being excited about developing iOS apps with RubyMine. We’ve also got a lot of feedback on the Dennis’s talk at RubyMotion #inspect and on Andrey’s workshop at #iOSonRailsConf. Recently  RubyMotion went 2.0 and got a bunch of new features including OS X support.

Today we are glad to announce that starting from version 5.4.3 RubyMine provides full support for developing with RubyMotion in a more productive manner with such features as code completion, quick-fixes and syntax highlighting. You can also run, test and debug your applications both on simulator and device. Here is a full list of all the new fixes.

Take a look at this tutorial to learn more on RubyMotion support in RubyMine. And feel free to upgrade to the latest version either using ‘Check for updates’ from RubyMine’s main menu or by downloading and installing the latest build.

Please don’t forget to let us know about any issues you might be facing via RubyMine issue tracker.

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JetBrains to Host Rubyuser Group Munich Meetup, July 10th

Munich Rubyuser Group LogoJetBrains will host the next Ruby Usergroup Munich Meetup at our office, Elsenheimerstraße 47, München (map). Join us Wednesday, July 10th at 19:00 for The Big Bad Gems Presentation Marathon.

Every attendee will have the option to hold a 5 minute lightning talk and we encourage you to take part, however it is not required. The user group leaders are happy to provide any type of assistance you may need. At the end of the talks, there will be voting to choose the top 3 speakers who will receive a free RubyMine license or upgrade.

The evening might go a bit later than usual, so talks and introductions will begin at 19:30. Please be on time. The pizza will be warm and the beverages cold at 19:00. Learn more about the next meetup and register now. Space is limited to 40 attendees. We look forward to hosting you at our office and hearing your talk.

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Remote Interpreters Support in RubyMine

Hello everyone,

Remote Interpreters Support in RubyMine

Click to view the demo

An idea of using virtual environments tailored for development needs is accepted by many developers who are using virtual machines on a regular basis. However, deployment process even with automation tools can be too complex at times, because they have to write and run it on different machines. The following video shows how RubyMine deploys applications to remote hosts, runs code with remote Ruby interpreter and how such a wonderful tool as Vagrant can help to tie these to tasks together.

Some helpful details can be found in this tutorial.

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Gem Development with RubyMine

Hello everyone,

Click to view the demo

Click to read a short tutorial

For many of you RubyMine is mostly known as a Ruby and Rails IDE, however, not only pure Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails projects can be effectively developed with it. In fact, RubyMine provides support for several types of projects including, for instance, applications which use RubyMotion, Rails Mountable Engines and Foundation technologies. Gem applications development is supported by us as well. These video and short tutorial are meant to help you not only get started with, maybe, your first Gem, but also discovers some features which RubyMine provides to make working with Gems more comfortable.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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Fighting Code That Smells: Ruby Usergroup Munich – June 10

Ruby Usergroup Munich

Monday June 10th, you’re invited to join Anna Bulenkova for her talk, Fighting Code That Smells. The Ruby Usergroup Munich meetup begins at 19:00 and takes place at Landwehrstraße 63, Munich, Germany Propertybase GmBH.

Fighting Code That Smells
Nobody likes when their code smells. In order to prevent it, a bunch of special tools and approaches have been designed. Efficient coding tools, refactorings, code metrics, code analysis, code testing and debugging are all crucial for creating quality, maintainable code.

Anna Bulenkova

This talk is meant to show how to efficiently detect code problems, eliminate them using refactoring, and validate everything after changes.

About Anna Bulenkova
Anna has been working at JetBrains for nearly 5 years now and during this time she has been involved in the development of our Ruby-on-Rails IDE. Follow her on Twitter at @povergo.

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