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Highlighting of arguments to by-name parameters

In Scala it’s not always obvious when some expression is an argument to a by-name parameter. New highlighting helps to easily spot such expression.

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Signature matters!

In Scala, method signature semantics goes beyond method name, parameters and result type. The signature can also tell about whether a method has side effects, or whether a method represents a property. However, sometimes we forget about writing proper definitions … Continue reading

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Type-aware highlighting

Type-aware highlighting is a part of error highlighting that relies on type system. Some errors can be found without using type information, for example: Other errors, however, require a knowledge of entities type: Type-aware highlighting allows to spot such errors … Continue reading

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Project configuration explained

Although the work on new Scala project configuration is still in progress, a brief clarification may come in handy.

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Type Info and Toggle Type Annotation

Type Info hint (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T): Toggle Type Annotation intention:

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