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IntelliJ IDEA Team at Scala Days 2014

The Scala community knows that the place to be on June 16th – 18th is Scala Days 2014 conference. So, the entire team behind the IntelliJ Scala plugin went to Berlin to embrace the awesomeness of this event.

Besides attending the talks (I wish I had enough time to hear them all), we delivered our own presentation Good to Great: IntelliJ IDEA and Scala (hosted by Alexander).

We also had a booth with amazing giveaways that included IntelliJ IDEA Yo-Yos (and stickers):


Even though the distribution of Yo-Yos was, undoubtedly, our main goal, we were very happy to meet IntelliJ Scala plugin users in person. What can I say? Sometimes we had a feeling of being rockstars (thanks for all the praise, folks!), sometimes, well, we could only humbly promise to fix this or that bug…

Meeting real Scala rockstars like Martin, Jason, Josh, just to name a few, was a real pleasure.

Thanks to everyone who took care to answer our questionnaire. You’ve been very helpful, and here’s just a few stats we’ve collected:

JVM languages:
JVM languages

Java frameworks:
Java frameworks

Build tools:
Build tools

Continuous Integration tools:
Continuous integration tools

Which code looks more appropriate?

That last poll data is a little bit misleading because of the .map(_ + !) typo, and because the second option is better anyway :)

Questionnaire rewards included 10 free personal licenses for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate plus many more 30% discounts on same licenses, shuffled among all participants, so no one walks away empty-handed.

Results are also in for the Code Golf competition, where participants had to produce certain code using as few keystrokes as possible. These winners are getting their very own IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate:

  1. Anonymous (c’mon man, show your true self!)
  2. Pawel Batko
  3. Michael Arndt
  4. Tomasz Bartczak

You may ask why we’re trying so hard to get involved in the Scala community. Wouldn’t it be enough to just develop a Scala plugin and put it out there for everyone to just use it? Tell you what: at JetBrains, we’re always trying to think about people first, because we need to understand who are we making our products for.

Just give IntelliJ IDEA a try and see where it takes you :)