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What’s New in Documentation and Support

As JetBrains .NET tools grow and evolve, their documentation and support teams have to keep the pace. Over the last several months, noticeable changes and improvements were made in these areas, and I’d like to expand on them in this … Continue reading

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Duplicate Finder, Part of ReSharper Command Line Tools

Along with ReSharper 8 EAP earlier this year, we have made ReSharper Command Line Tools available for you to download and try. We have already written about one of the tools included in this package — InspectCode, which analyzes your … Continue reading

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ReSharper Code Analysis Goes Beyond Visual Studio

One of ReSharper’s most notable features, Code Analysis, is now unleashed and ready to hunt for bad and dead code—without even opening Visual Studio. Dubbed as InspectCode, it is as simple as a command-line tool can be and requires a … Continue reading

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Save or Save To in ReSharper Options

Since ReSharper introduced the layered structure for saving its options, we all face the choice of clicking Save or Save To whenever we change any settings. The good news is that the Save button will do the job for most … Continue reading

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