Meet AppCode team members in Paris

Hey guys!

We’ve got some more exciting news! This September we’ll be joining CocoaHeads Paris meetup where we’ll be presenting AppCode to the local community.

We’ll make an overview of our Objective-C IDE, show what makes it stand out and what is different from Xcode, share a whole bunch of tips and tricks about coding productivity, and show some of the features planned for version 2.5.

Whether you are an experienced AppCode user, or just tried it a few days ago, I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two.

So if you are in Paris area, and are curious about AppCode, feel free to join us and spread the news! We are always happy to meet OS X/iOS developers face-to-face to chat and share ideas.

Date: Thursday, September the 12th
Location and updates you can find at
Thanks to CocoaHeads Paris organisers for inviting us!

See you!