Hub 2019.1 Released!

Hub 2019.1 introduces Universal 2nd Factor Authentication, Community-based Language Support, and other improvements.


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Important Security Notice – Vulnerability allowing permission escalation

Please note that if you are a YouTrack InCloud customer, or a commercial customer of YouTrack Standalone or Upsource, you should have already received an email from us in the middle of December. No further action is required if have already seen this email.

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Hub 2018.4 is Released!

Hub 2018.4 introduces IdP-initiated SSO for SAML, a new setting for the GitHub auth module, LDAP Group Mappings, and other improvements.


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Hub 2018.3 is Released!

Hub 2018.3 introduces a visual redesign, two-factor authentication, global password change requests, and other improvements.


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Hub 2018.2 is Released!

Hub 2018.2 introduces SAML Authentication Module, Throttling by Login, Personal Data Management, and other improvements.


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Hub 2018.1 Released!

Please welcome Hub 2018.1!


Hub 2018.1 introduces a project overview page, custom widgets and other improvements.

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Hub 2017.4 Released!

Please welcome Hub 2017.4!


Hub 2017.4 introduces Japanese Localization, Redesigned Projects Page, Enhanced User Tooltips, and other improvements.

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Azure AD Auth Module inoperative, pending fix by Microsoft

What happened?

Since a recent change that was applied by Microsoft, our Azure AD authentication module no longer works. Authentication requests that are sent to the Azure AD service return code 404 without an informative error message. This issue can not be fixed on our side but rather requires changes from the Microsoft side.

How does this affect you?

If you’ve configured and used the Microsoft Azure AD authentication module, you won’t be able to log in using it anymore. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

What actions have we taken?

We’ve reported this problem to Microsoft, but unfortunately, we can’t expect it to be resolved in the nearest future.

What can you do?

At the moment, we don’t have a workaround to allow you use your AD user accounts. We can recommend that you set up and use one of the other authentication modules.

You can also watch the progress in this issue in our tracker.

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JetBrains Web UI components open-sourced

Please welcome Ring UI, an open-source library full of Web UI components!


Ring UI library gives you the power of complex UI controls that have been developed at JetBrains over the years. It contains over 50 React controls, ranging from simple links and buttons to sophisticated controls, such as Date Picker or Data List. This library is extensively used inside YouTrack, Hub, Upsource, and other products, and we are committed to developing and maintaining it for many years to come.

One example of how you might use Ring UI library would be to create custom widgets for your dashboard in Hub so that you can match the style of your favorite JetBrains user interfaces. Please follow the Quick Start Guide to explore the library.

Your feedback is really appreciated, so please share it with us in the comment section below or report bugs in our tracker.

We are thrilled to see what you will create using Ring UI!

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Hub 2017.3 is released!

Please welcome Hub 2017.3!
Hub 2017.3 introduces authentication throttling feature, new OAuth 2.0 presets and experimental functionality.

Authentication Throttling

In Hub 2017.3 it is possible to set up throttling for login attempts and verification of user credentials to prevent brute-force attacks and increase data security. When you enable this feature, the Hub authentication module applies rate limits to logins and requests to verify credentials.


OAuth 2.0 Presets for GitLab and Bitbucket Cloud

Now you can sign in Hub with your GitLab or Bitbucket Cloud accounts. All of the endpoints and mappings that are required for setup have been configured for you. All you have to do is register Hub in the connected authorization service and enable the authentication module.


Experimental Features

Starting with Hub 2017.3, you can enable experimental features for your Hub installation. If you are an administrator, enable the features you want to try on the Feature Configuration page, which you can find on the Systems settings page. You can enable the features for specific group of users. Check the documentation to try this new functionality.


Custom Widgets

As a part of experimental features we have added a possibility to add custom widgets for the dashboards. You can create a widget in any IDE and load it for testing on the widgets playground page with only few clicks. After the widget is ready, you can upload it and add it to your dashboard. This feature lets you extend the functionality of your dashboards to grab content from external sources or present data from Hub in a unique format.


For more information, please check the Release Notes.
Sounds great? Download Hub 2017.3 today and enjoy a new version!
If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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