Hub 2017.4 Released!

Please welcome Hub 2017.4!


Hub 2017.4 introduces Japanese Localization, Redesigned Projects Page, Enhanced User Tooltips, and other improvements.

Japanese Localization

こんにちは! Hub speaks Japanese now! For the past few years, we’ve noticed that the usage of our team tools has grown in Japan. That’s why we felt it was important to add Japanese to the set of supported system languages. If your team speaks Japanese, change the system language and let the whole team enjoy Hub without getting lost in translation.


Redesigned Projects Page

We have fully redesigned the Projects page to give you a more convenient way to view the projects that you’re interested in. Mark projects as favorites and jump straight to pages and actions that are supported by connected services. If you’re using JetBrains Toolbox and the project is connected to a VCS, you can copy the VCS link or open the project in IntelliJ IDEA.


Enhanced User Tooltips

Tooltips for user links and avatars now display user profile cards. A profile card shows the user’s name, login, and email address. These cards are available anywhere you find users in Hub — for project teams, group members, licenses, and even audit events.


Redefined Project Teams

Hub 2017.4 brings you fully redesigned project teams and the ability to manage members of a project team directly. The project team was redefined to include users and groups who are assigned to the project. You can grant roles to every member of the project team with just a few clicks. This update gives you a whole new experience and makes the process for managing team members smooth and clear.


We’ve also added a setting that lets you manage the owner of the project.


Access Management Redesign

We’ve improved the visual representation for access management interfaces. For users and groups, the Roles tab gives you an overview of each role assignment and the permissions that are available to the user or group in each project. For projects, the Access tab shows you how each user and group is granted a role in the project and the corresponding set of permissions that are assigned to each role.


License Management page Redesign

The updated user interface for user license management gives you greater control over the users and group members who are granted a license in a connected service.
In addition, you now have the option to remove a license from a group without revoking the license from its members.


For more information, please check the Release Notes.

Sounds great? Download Hub 2017.4 today and enjoy a new version!
If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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Azure AD Auth Module inoperative, pending fix by Microsoft

What happened?

Since a recent change that was applied by Microsoft, our Azure AD authentication module no longer works. Authentication requests that are sent to the Azure AD service return code 404 without an informative error message. This issue can not be fixed on our side but rather requires changes from the Microsoft side.

How does this affect you?

If you’ve configured and used the Microsoft Azure AD authentication module, you won’t be able to log in using it anymore. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

What actions have we taken?

We’ve reported this problem to Microsoft, but unfortunately, we can’t expect it to be resolved in the nearest future.

What can you do?

At the moment, we don’t have a workaround to allow you use your AD user accounts. We can recommend that you set up and use one of the other authentication modules.

You can also watch the progress in this issue in our tracker.

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JetBrains Web UI components open-sourced

Please welcome Ring UI, an open-source library full of Web UI components!


Ring UI library gives you the power of complex UI controls that have been developed at JetBrains over the years. It contains over 50 React controls, ranging from simple links and buttons to sophisticated controls, such as Date Picker or Data List. This library is extensively used inside YouTrack, Hub, Upsource, and other products, and we are committed to developing and maintaining it for many years to come.

One example of how you might use Ring UI library would be to create custom widgets for your dashboard in Hub so that you can match the style of your favorite JetBrains user interfaces. Please follow the Quick Start Guide to explore the library.

Your feedback is really appreciated, so please share it with us in the comment section below or report bugs in our tracker.

We are thrilled to see what you will create using Ring UI!

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Hub 2017.3 is released!

Please welcome Hub 2017.3!
Hub 2017.3 introduces authentication throttling feature, new OAuth 2.0 presets and experimental functionality.

Authentication Throttling

In Hub 2017.3 it is possible to set up throttling for login attempts and verification of user credentials to prevent brute-force attacks and increase data security. When you enable this feature, the Hub authentication module applies rate limits to logins and requests to verify credentials.


OAuth 2.0 Presets for GitLab and Bitbucket Cloud

Now you can sign in Hub with your GitLab or Bitbucket Cloud accounts. All of the endpoints and mappings that are required for setup have been configured for you. All you have to do is register Hub in the connected authorization service and enable the authentication module.


Experimental Features

Starting with Hub 2017.3, you can enable experimental features for your Hub installation. If you are an administrator, enable the features you want to try on the Feature Configuration page, which you can find on the Systems settings page. You can enable the features for specific group of users. Check the documentation to try this new functionality.


Custom Widgets

As a part of experimental features we have added a possibility to add custom widgets for the dashboards. You can create a widget in any IDE and load it for testing on the widgets playground page with only few clicks. After the widget is ready, you can upload it and add it to your dashboard. This feature lets you extend the functionality of your dashboards to grab content from external sources or present data from Hub in a unique format.


For more information, please check the Release Notes.
Sounds great? Download Hub 2017.3 today and enjoy a new version!
If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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Hub 2017.2 is released!

We are happy to announce the release of Hub 2017.2!


Hub 2017.2 introduces improved license management, dashboard improvements, and OpenID connect.

License Management

In Hub 2017.2 admins can grant or revoke licenses right on the user’s profile page. Invite a new user or create a new account and grant the required licenses immediately, on the profile page.


Dashboard Improvements

In Hub 2017.2, you can customize the text that is shown as the title for any widget. This enhancement helps assign meaningful titles and better distinguish between widgets that use similar queries.

We also added the name of the dashboard owner to the header and gave administrators the ability to rename the default dashboard that is visible to guests.


OpenID Connect

Hub is now available as an OpenID connect provider. It means that you can use your Hub credentials to log in to the services that support OpenID connect, like WordPress and Drupal.

For more information, please check the Release Notes.

Sounds great? Download Hub 2017.2 today and enjoy a new version!
If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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Hub 2017.1 (build 4807) bug fix is out

Please welcome a fresh update for Hub 2017.1 (build 4807). This minor release introduces a number of bug fixes and enhancements. For more details, please check the Release Notes.

Download Hub 2017.1.4807 and enjoy all the goodies!

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Hub 2017.1.4711 Is Out

Please welcome a fresh update for Hub 2017.1 (build 4711). This minor release introduces a number of bug fixes and enhancements. For more details, please check the Release Notes.

Download Hub 2017.1.4711 and enjoy all the goodies!

The JetBrains Hub Team

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Hub 2017.1.4524 Is Out

Please welcome a fresh update for the latest Hub 2017.1.

This build includes a number of important bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements. For more details, please check the Release Notes.

Download Hub 2017.1.4524 and enjoy all the fresh goodies today!

The JetBrains Hub Team

The Drive to Develop!

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Hub 2017.1 is released!

We are happy to announce the release of Hub 2017.1!


What does Hub 2017.1 bring?

Hub 2017.1 introduces quick navigation, LDAP bind to a fixed account, credentials management, and dozens of UI and usability improvements!

Key New Features

  • Quick navigation
  • Revised access tab
  • LDAP bind to a fixed account
  • Credentials management
  • Permanent access token


  • Description for banned users
  • Scheduled backups
  • Enhanced Auth Modules
  • Delete an entity from anywhere
  • Open service URL

Sounds awesome? Get Hub 2017.1 now for free and start enjoying the new version!
Let’s have a look at the new features.

Quick navigation

Hub 2017.1 introduces a quick navigation feature. It lets you you search for and navigate to any entity from any page in Hub. For example, press Ctrl+K or Cmd+K (Mac OS) to open a global navigation dialog, start typing the name of the entity that you wish to go to, and Hub’s smart search will take you there!


Revised access tab

We have fully redesigned access tab, which gives you full control over access management. The new access tab makes it more convenient to grant or revoke roles, see the permissions set, and filter roles per users, projects or groups.

Revised access tab

LDAP bind to a fixed account

Hub 2017.1 lets you send LDAP bind requests to a fixed user account. This option lets you set up standard two-step LDAP authentication. With this model, you use a dedicated account for the LDAP bind request and search for the user you want to authenticate on behalf of the bind user.
With this feature, you can set up an LDAP authentication module and still use logins that are not part of the Distinguished Name (DN), like an email address or token. This is also similar to the login configuration that is used by TeamCity, so administrators can use a single model for LDAP integration in all JetBrains team tools. Check out the documentation to find out more how to configure a bind user.


Credentials management

In Hub 2017.1 you may add additional credentials to your user profile. You can merge existing credentials with your Hub account or create a new one. This new feature lets you restore your profile with the additional credentials, if you accidentally delete your primary ones.


Permanent access token

Now you can use permanent tokens to strengthen security for Hub integrations with external services. Simply create a new token with a specific access scope, and use it for authentication in API calls.



Description for banned users

When you ban a user in Hub 2017.1, you can enter a reason for performing this action. This description is added next to the user name and visible to other users who have the necessary permissions.


Scheduled backups

You can now schedule automatic backups. You no longer need to manually create backups to save an archive copy of your Hub database. Select a pre-configured interval or use a cron expression to set a custom interval. Hub saves your data like clockwork.


Delete an entity from anywhere

Before Hub 2017.1, the only way to delete an entity was to manually find it in the relevant list. That meant admins had to spent time looking for the right entity. Now it is possible to delete a user, group, or any other entity right from its page.

Delete entity

Enhanced Auth Modules

In Hub 2017.1, you can now create and configure a custom OAuth 2.0 module. We also improved the interface for new authentication modules and added pre-sets for the following services: Facebook, Yandex, Microsoft Live, PayPal, Azure AD and Amazon.


Open service URL

This small improvement will save your time when working with services in Hub. If you want to open a service’s home URL, you don’t have to copy and paste its link anymore; simply click “open url” next to it.


Other improvements

We have improved the way resources are changed; added the ability to disable trusted SSL certificates; and introduced the ability to specify a connection and read timeouts for an auth module, among others. For more details, please check the Release Notes.

Sounds great? Download Hub 2017.1 today and enjoy all the new features!
If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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Hub 2.5 bug fix is out (build 456)

Please welcome a fresh bug fix for Hub 2.5 (build 456).
This build brings a fix for Dashboards import from the backup.  For more details, please read the Release Notes.

Download Hub 2.5.456 and enjoy the latest version today!

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