DataGrip 2019.3 EAP 4

Hello, today we have a new build for the DataGrip 2019.3 EAP for you to try.

DBE-7976: The Modify Table action is now available from the data editor context. Want to add a new column while editing table data? Just press Ctr/Cmd+F6 and go ahead!

Screenshot 2019-11-15 00.51.31

DBE-9336: Intentions now work inside the source code of routines. For example, if you want to expand the wildcard via Alt+Enter on an asterisk, now this is possible.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 00.46.53

DBE-9548: Now if your result-set contains multiple columns with the same name, you won’t have any problems with ambiguous names if you create a table from it.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 00.50.41

DBE-9428: A new intention is introduced to help you convert JOIN ON to JOIN USING, and vice versa.

Screenshot 2019-11-15 00.47.14

That’s all, folks!

The DataGrip Team

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DataGrip 2019.3 EAP 3

Hello! It’s time for a new EAP build for 2019.3 which is due for release this December.

Tree data view

We’re continuing to build on the MongoDB support. We’ve just crossed another milestone with this process by adding the tree data view.


To turn it on, click the Gear icon -> View as… -> Tree.

Inline query progress

Now you can clearly see when your query is running: there is a spinning icon on the gutter and the inline live timer as well.


Flame chart for explain plan

We’ve added a new type of visualization for the explain
results. To see it, click the corresponding button on the right. It is just under the
diagram button.


Here’s how it looks:


New inspections and warnings

If you try to paste null into a not nullable column, you will get:


If the first argument in your COALESCE call is not nullable, you will get:


If you use TOP and OFFSET simultaneously in SQL Server, you will get:


That’s all, folks!

The DataGrip Team

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DataGrip 2019.2.6

DataGrip 2019.2.6 is Out!

– Result tabs switch with the consoles again.
– No more freezes on MacOS Catalina when exporting data. DBE-9334 
– Fixed the bugs with the external tables in Redshift not showing. DBE-9181 
– Various bugs with paging are fixed. DBE-9217 
– Column names are no longer collapsed when the data editor is transposed. DBE-8904 
– The “column specified more than once” error does not appear for data import anymore. DBE-9283 
– The table and column comments are not truncated anymore. DBE-8000 
– There are no longer false warnings about the number of values when selecting the identity column. DBE-8924 

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DataGrip 2019.3 EAP 2

Hello! It’s time for the new EAP build for 2019.3 that is going to be released this December. Let’s take a look at several new features.

Oracle PL/SQL debugger

We’ve started working on a debugger for Oracle PL/SQL. Right now, it provides just basic functionality: you can debug procedures, functions, triggers, anonymous blocks and observe variables there.

Updates to this feature and additional information will appear in the corresponding issue.


Search with Google for connection error

It’s now easier to deal with connection errors! When a connection fails, it’s possible to Google the error text using the corresponding button.


Drop action keyboard shortcut remapping

We’ve updated the Drop action and made it available for shortcut remapping. Before, it used the shortcut of the Delete action. If you don’t want to have the default shortcut for the Drop action, it’s now possible to remap it from the settings.


That’s it!

The DataGrip team.

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DataGrip 2019.3 EAP is Open!

Hello! We have begun our DataGrip 2019.3 EAP and there is something really exciting inside.

MongoDB support

Finally, the day has come for us to start working on MongoDB support. After more than 400 votes we have decided now is a good time to begin including at least some very basic functionality.

What actually works now:


You can observe collections and fields in the database explorer. We fetch the first 10 documents from each collection to get information about the fields. This can be customized via the JDBC parameter fetch_documents_for_metainfo which is available in the Advanced tab of the data source properties dialog.


Data viewer

Open any collection or observe the query result and you can sort by columns or filter the values also paging works as well.


Query console

There is currently no coding assistance, but this doesn’t stop you running queries and getting the results. To run a statement, select it and run it via Ctr/Cmd+Enter or by using the Play button on the toolbar.


These commands are available right now:

use <database>
show databases or show dbs
show collections
db.collection.update({…}, {…})
db.collection.updateOne({…}, {…})

The EAP program stage is the best time to provide your feedback, so please comment here or create issues in our tracker.

3-way source code merge

When you submit source code and DataGrip determines that it was changed while you were editing it, a notification will pop up. This notification will suggest you to resolve the conflict by way of a three-way-merge.


Also, don’t forget that if you want to make sure that you won’t be deleting someone else’s work by submitting an outdated object, the Warn if editing outdated DDL option should be turned on.


That’s it!

DataGrip team.

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DataGrip 2019.2.5

Hi! We have an update for 2019.2. Some bug-fixes are inside.

– Improvements in H2 grammar support.
DBE-7893 [PostgreSQL] Procedure is back to the Generate menu.
DBE-9098 Fixed the bug with importing data from CSV files that include an IDENTITY column.
DBE-9105 Numbers at the beginning of table names are supported again.
DBE-9093 The Replace IN intention doesn’t corrupt code anymore.

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DataGrip 2019.2.4

Hi! We have an update for 2019.2. Some bug-fixes are inside.

DBE-8977 Compare content action has been added to the context menu of two tables.

Screenshot 2019-09-12 12.21.03

– We’ve fixed some problems with the Help plugin’s compatibility.
DBE-9021 UUIDs are now quoted when navigating to referenced rows.
DBE-8897 Full-text search results are now sorted alphabetically.
DBE-1878 DataGrip offers to introspect the schema if it’s used in the console.

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DataGrip 2019.2.2


This update for DataGrip 2019.2 is huge. Not only many bug fixes are here, but some cool features as well!


DBE-4499 We’ve added JOIN completion based on column names.



DBE-2640 The markdown data extractor is bundled with DataGrip!



DBE-7315 Drag-and-drop of columns became smarter: now it adds commas!



DBE-8239 Breadcrumbs are now shown for SQL as well.

Screenshot 2019-08-16 11.16.10

DBE-5661, DBE-7960 [PostgreSQL] Support for partition tables is improved. The key enhancement: partition tables are now displayed under the main one.


Bug fixes

IDE general

DBE-8380, DBE-8769, DBE-8778, DBE-7107 Performance improvements.
DBE-8633 The folder path became editable in SQL Dialects settings section.

Code generation

DBE-8835, DBE-8376 Schema comparison: the same objects are not marked as different anymore.
DBE-8826 [Oracle] No more disappearing semicolon in the package code.
DBE-6261 [Oracle] Column names are not missed from view’s code anymore.
DBE-8344 [DB2] Editing procedures is available on DB2 for i (AS/400).
DBE-8889 [Sqlite] Check constraints do not disappear after the update.

Data editor

DBE-5165, DBE-8732 Fixed bugs in file import.
DBE-8857 Fixed problem with the column width when using the Material Theme plugin.
DBE-8788 BLOB fields are displayed correctly.
DBE-8433 The Forward and Back buttons don’t run queries anymore.
DBE-6601 The Ctrl/Cmd+F12 shortcut in the filter field of the data editor opens the columns list.
DBE-8511 The Go To Related Data action enabled showing only required rows.

Database explorer

DBE-8728 Adding a new schema doesn’t remove items from the database explorer.
DBE-8871 [Redshift] External tables are back!

Coding assistance

DBE-8845, DBE-8767, DBE-6776 Fixed bugs in the SQL formatter.
DBE-8850 [Exasol] DROP INDEX support.

DBE-8895 Results in Find Usages are sorted by the line number.

Develop with pleasure!
DataGrip team

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DataGrip 2019.2.1


We have a hotfix for DataGrip 2019.2 and here’s what’s inside it:

– No more high memory usage, which led to total freezes.

This was actually connected with the new feature whereby system catalogs were stored inside DataGrip for better coding assistance. Now, if you have more than 10 databases inside one data source, automatic loading of system objects is switched off and a corresponding warning is displayed.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 15.01.24

If you still need to have system objects in coding assistance without seeing them in the database explorer, select the lightning icon next to the schema name in the schema chooser.

– Fixed problems with failed startup on Linux.

Thanks for your patience!

The DataGrip team

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DataGrip 2019.2: services, full-text search, filtering in navigation, easy paging, naming of results tabs, query live timer and more!

Hello! We’ve just released DataGrip 2019.2. In this post, we’ll highlight the new features briefly. For detailed descriptions, please visit the What’s new page.


Services tool window

— Observe and manage all the connections
— Manage Docker services
— Query live timer


Full-text search

— Search for data everywhere
— SQL preview
— Search in columns that don’t support the LIKE operator
— [PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB] Search only in columns that are indexed
— [Oracle] The following indices are used, if they exist: context, ctxrule, ctxcat
— [SQL Server] Search is aware of full-text indexes
— [Cassandra] Make several queries for one table


Data editor

— The page size is easy to change
— The results tabs can be named
— [Cassandra] Edit columns of type: set, list, map, tuple, udt, inet, uuid, and timeuuid


Database tree view

— Quick table backup
— Quick group creation
Force Refresh action
— Table comments are displayed
— Indicator for live connections


Filtering in search and navigation

GoTo popup: filter by data source or a group of them
Find in path: filter by data source or a group of them


Coding assistance

— Completion and resolution use objects from system catalogs
— Quick-fixes are integrated into the inspection tooltip
— New inspections, Unnecessary usage of CASE and Possible truncation of the string
— An intention action to Convert GROUP BY to DISTINCT
— Two new combined items, IS NULL and IS NOT NULL, are now included in code completion
— An Introduce alias action was added to the Refactoring menu


Code editor

— New option to control the behavior of Move Caret to Next Word
Select current statement action
— Folding of big numbers
— The option Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab is enabled by default
Surround a selection with a quote or brace is enabled by default


You can update to this new updated and improved version free if you have a subscription to DataGrip or the All Products Pack. Try it out and please share your thoughts and comments on it with us!

For more details please see the What’s new page.


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