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CLion 1.5 EAP: quick documentation improvements

Hello everyone,

After all the big changes we’ve introduced previously (variadic templates support, new code generation actions, STL symbols auto-import improvements) we spent these weeks cleaning the code. We also went through many issues in our issue tracker that are now resolved and updated them. However, we kindly ask you – if the problem you reported is fixed in one of the EAP builds, please, let us know in the comments.

This week we deliver a new EAP build 145.184 with a lot of changes in Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q on Linux/Windows, F1 on OS X). You can download it from the confluence page, or get it via a patch-update.

Quick Documentation pop-up now includes links to the referenced types (works now for classes, structures, enums and unions). That means you can now follow hyperlinks to view related documentation. Back(<-) and Forward(->) keys are available for easier navigation. And you can also change the font size for better readability:

Quick Documentation pop-up now became more useful showing declaration modifiers, that were omitted before. You can find there:

  • function specifier (inline, virtual, explicit, final)
  • constexpr specifier (constexpr)
  • storage class specifier (register, static, thread_local, extern, mutable)
  • cv qualifier (const, volatile, mutable)
  • typedef
  • typename


There are also a list of bug fixes for Quick Documentation pop-up:

  • Incorrect representation of anonymous enum (CPP-5712).
  • Incorrect representation of template union (CPP-5833).
  • Quick documentation didn't show class for an implemented class method (CPP-5846).

Besides, a very annoying bug with Move, Pull Members Up, Push Members Down refactorings was fixed. These refactorings were previously not available in case class was not declared in the header file. Now this unnecessary limitation is removed.

Full release notes are available by the link, just as usual. And if you'd like to check all the new features coming to the next release, please, visit Preview Next Version page on our site.

The CLion Team
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