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CLion 2017.1 EAP: more C++14 support


Last week CLion 2017.1 Early Access Program started with a new make auto intention, auto return type support, zero latency typing mode and many important improvements. This week a new EAP build (171.2822.8) is available. In case you use the previous EAP build, you should get a notification in the IDE about a patch update shortly.

Download CLion 2017.1 EAP

Generic lambdas

Modern C++ standards support is one of our top-priority task for this year. We keep working on C++14, and while first EAP brought auto return type support, this build comes with the generic lambdas support. This includes correct type inference and corresponding code analysis checks:

More C++14 features are coming to CLion in the next EAP builds. You can check what’s left in our webhelp.

Decltype cases

This EAP also addresses several cases with decltype when the code was not resolved correctly:

  • decltype(auto) used in trailing return (CPP-6075)
  • Constructors using decltype (CPP-8195)

Other fixes

Besides, this build includes a couple of other fixes for incorrect code analysis or refactoring:

  • Fix for the incorrect Explicit type required here warning when declaring a friend class (CPP-2637)
  • The refactoring of the ambiguous calls is disabled to avoid problems (CLion shows Function foo is ambiguously referenced warning in this case)

That’s about it. The full release notes are available here.

Download CLion 2017.1 EAP

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