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CLion 2017.2 RC: C++ type casts in quick-fixes


CLion 2017.2 release is coming closer and today we are glad to announce Release Candidate build (172.3317.14).

C++ cast operators

CLion is able to indicate situations when user is missing a type cast. As a quick-fix (Alt+Enter), CLion suggested a C style cast previously. Now CLion suggests C++ type casts: static_cast, dynamic_cast, reinterpret_cast, const_cast:


If there is no single valid C++ style cast operator, the C style cast will be used. And if you want CLion to permanently use C style cast operators, simply switch off the setting in Settings/Preferences | Editor | Code Style | C/C++ | Code Generation | C++:


Besides, a couple of false positives code analysis checks were fixed: CPP-989 and CPP-3111.

You are welcome to download and try the RC build (no license is required). If you find any bug at all, please, report to our issue tracker.

Download CLion 2017.2 Release Candidate

Release notes are available by the link.

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