Let’s move on! CLion 2017.3 roadmap


CLion 2017.2 was released just a week ago, but we hope you already gave new version a try and shared your feedback with us. If not, get your free 30-day trial on our site now.

Before moving on to CLion 2017.3 and sharing the roadmap, we’d like to thank our EAP users.

Special thanks

To follow a good tradition, we have selected the most active EAP users with the most valuable contribution and rewarded them with a free personal 1-year subscription for CLion (to extend their current subscription or to get a new one). So let us thank:

  • Ivan Smirnov (YouTrack handle: aldanor)
  • Victor Sergienko (YouTrack handle: singalen)
  • Mario Charest (YouTrack handle: mcharest)

Each of you will receive a personal email with details on how to claim your license. (If for some reason you do not get any email from us within a week, ping us here in the comments.)

CLion 2017.3 and more

And now let’s move to CLion 2017.3!

Note: The following is a preliminary plan; we cannot guarantee that all of the features listed below will be included in CLion 2017.3.

Several interesting features are currently under investigation. The analysis stage doesn’t guarantee that anything functional will make it into the actual release, however your feedback, use cases and comments are extremely valuable. Feel free to share them!

  • Under investigation:
    • Integration with Valgrind (CPP-548)
    • Remote development support (since the topic in general is too broad, we’ll try to focus on some particular improvements, however it’s only a general investigation going on now without any clear decision)
  • Language support:
    CLion 2017.2 got many fixes in various areas of C++ language support. Now we’ve decided to change the strategy a bit. We analyzed issues with the language support on the whole and identified levels, where there is room for improvement. We plan to start from the bottom and work our way up to the top, implementing big overhauls in the problematic areas. This might take more than one release cycle even for one area, but you can expect many issues to be resolved with each finished cycle.

    Besides this, we plan to cover the following:

    • The work on the set of issues with the JUCE code will be continued (for example, OC-8211).
    • Code generation should respect templates (for example, generate definitions).
  • Multiple toolchains support (CPP-10116)
  • Debugger:
    • UI for providing custom pretty printers / .gdbinit for the project.
    • Check and bundle, if possible, GDB 8.0 and LLDB 5.0.
  • Unit tests
    • Gutter icons for unit tests (OC-12323).
    • Fixes and improvements for Google Test and Catch.
  • Continue with performance improvements.

That’s it! Any new feature request? You are always welcome to send them to us over our tracker!

Your CLion Team

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