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CLion 2018.1.1 EAP

We are glad to announce the start of Early Access Preview for CLion 2018.1.1, a bug-fix update to the recently released major CLion update. Build 181.4445.17 is now available.

Please, note that this EAP build requires an active subscription (or you can start a 30-day evaluation period).

Download CLion 2018.1.1 EAP

  • C++ support

    The biggest improvement is a fix for CPP-12079 and related issues:

    • Incorrect parsing of unordered_map
    • Incorrect resolving of shared_ptr with a forward declaration
    • Incorrect parsing of unique_ptr in some cases
    • Incorrect red code highlighting in projects with libxml2
    • And some more similar and duplicated issues linked to it in our tracker
  • WSL-related issue, when the CMake project loading can take forever (CPP-12519), was addresses in this EAP build.
  • This build fixes a couple of cases when “Typeahead timeout is exceeded” exception was caught (IDEA-187808).
  • GDB debugger

    There us a bunch of issues fixed there. The main one is related to STL containers that were not updated during stepping, if the breakpoint was set before the containers were filled (CPP-7166, CPP-7574, CPP-7720).

Full release notes are available by the link. And to learn about our roadmap for CLion 2018.2 read this blog post.

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