CLion 2018.3 Release Candidate 2

Welcome the 2nd release candidate (build 183.4284.140) for CLion 2018.3!

Please note that to use CLion 2018.3 RC2, you need to have an active subscription (or start a 30-day evaluation period). No patches are provided for this release candidate, but you can expect a patch from the latest 2018.2.6 update to the 2018.3 release version.

Download CLion 2018.3 RC2

As things get closer to the official release, we are mostly working on the final fixes and improvements. If you notice any problems at all, please report them to our tracker.

This build delivers the following fixes:

  • IDE freeze: the IDE no longer freezes on typing related to clangd (CPP-14702)
  • WSL toolchain: CMake loading performance was improved (CPP-14700)
  • Search Everywhere: left and right side texts do not overlap now in the updated Search Everywhere dialog

Find the full release notes on our confluence page.

Bug-fix updated to 2018.1.7 and 2017.3.5

Along with the 2018.2.6 update published a week ago, we’ve just released updates for 2018.1 and 2017.3 version. You can get these updated from our Toolbox App or via patch-updates. The released builds are also available on our site.

Make sure to get these bug-fix updates if you are using macOS Mojave, as they include a fix for the input freezes (JRE-998).

Your CLion Team
The Drive to Develop

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13 Responses to CLion 2018.3 Release Candidate 2

  1. Tano says:

    I was wondering why for some updates we have the option to “Update” and on this one we can only “Download” and replace the folder…

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      Most of the time we do provide patch-updates. There are still some exceptional situations when patch-update is not technically possible. Also we don’t provide patches for the RC2 builds.
      For the Release Candidate 2, which is built on a license, as a regular release build, there is no sense to make a patch update from EAP, and also no much sense to make a patch from 2018.2, as it will be a patch update for the release version later.

      • Tano says:

        Great, thanks for the explanations, I hope also that CPP-5501 will be fixed soon, I could not disable them entirely, it seems that CLion silently includes directory. The bad part is that it includes it them when already there is the correct include there…

  2. Roman says:

    For some reason I have very unstable auto-complete latency in this release. In some cases up to 5 seconds wait. It feels like it used to be better.

  3. Tano says:

    Anastasia, please, is there a hidden reg setting for telling CLion not to add includes? I disabled all the auto-“includes”, but in vain.

    #include “auc/auc.hpp” // correct already exists
    #include // added by CLion. why? the correct already exists and why it adds it with

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      There is auto import which works for completion, silently. It can’t be disabled.
      Seems, some code resolve works incorrectly in your case. Please add the case to the previous issue with auto import you were reporting. We’ll check it out.

      • Tano says:

        In my case for the entire project, like 20-30 files…also some other people complained about this in the task I reported. Perhaps you should consider disabling that “feature” because it’s clear that it does not work properly…perhaps something in the registry, sorry but on every commit I see that CLion includes those includes in every modified file.

        I wonder how CLion thinks that “auc.hpp” is a system header, so it must include it in .

    • Dmitry Kozhevnikov says:

      I believe it’s, we’ll fix it in one of the next releases.

  4. Anton says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for fixing: It was a really important one for me. I was able to finally update from 2017.3. I do really appreciate your work.

    Though, I should point that wasn’t fixed. I can still reproduce it.

    • Anastasia Kazakova says:

      Thank you for pointing! We’ll check it, it should have been fixed by the previous one (has the same reasoning behind).

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