CLion 2019.3.4 Bug-fix Update

A new bug-fix update, CLion 2019.3.4, is now available for download! You can get build 193.6494.38 from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package (for Ubuntu). A patch update will be available shortly.


Here are the main highlights of the update:

  • CMake CUDA targets are now launched from CLion using the correct binary (CPP-10292). If you are interested in more sophisticated CUDA support, please check out the 2020.1 EAP build.
  • Google Test support:
    • False errors on Google Test v1.8.1 have been fixed (an error message was produced for INSTANTIATE_TEST_SUITE_P, see CPP-16301).
    • False positive inspection warnings for new MOCK_METHOD macro from Google Test v1.10.0 (CPP-18182).
  • Formatter improvements:
    • Reformat Code no longer breaks indentation in an enum when using a comment line (CPP-1836).
  • Several Clangd crashes were addressed.

The full release notes are available here.

The CLion 2020.1 EAP is now up and running. The first builds bring CUDA enhancements, Clang-cl support, the ability to debug customer targets, Data Flow Analysis rewritten on Clang, and much more. For more details please see this page.

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