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Parameter Hints and Type Hints

In this video, we show how CLion’s parameter hints and type hints help with reading and understanding C++ code, using a practical example. Parameter hints give the developer useful additional information about function calls, while type hints show deduced types in many different contexts. We show the various available features and configuration options that will help you work more effectively with hints in CLion.

00:00 Intro
00:19 Sample application
01:12 Parameter hints
02:30 Emplace_back example. Hints for non-const references
03:07 Disabling parameter hints and Exclude List
04:01 Type hints for deduced types
04:44 Type hints for structured bindings
04:55 Type hints for templates
05:09 Type hints for functions with auto return type
05:27 Type hints in lambdas
05:56 Settings

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