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CLion 2022.3.2 Bug-Fix Update

A new CLion 2022.3.2 bug-fix update is now available!

Download build 223.8617.54 from our website, through the Toolbox App, as a snap for Ubuntu, or via patch from the IDE.


The highlights of this update are:

  • Reformat on save with ClangFormat works as expected again (CPP-30247).
  • On Windows, CLion no longer breaks the project compilation with the Visual Studio toolchain when CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE is in use (CPP-29644).
  • We fixed the incorrect code warning which happened for GCC toolchain on macOS (CPP-17646).
  • Performance:
    • We improved the performance of the code analysis in CLion.
    • We improved the performance of parsing coverage results, which was slow when using remote mode (CPP-28290).
    • For Docker toolchain, CLion now correctly captures the end of the background task execution (CPP-31390).
  • We finally built all of the tools bundled in CLion for Linux ARM64 (CPP-31030). This means the CLion 2022.3.2 update is now available for that platform.
  • The JetBrains Runtime team has been working to fully eliminate screen flickering in full-screen mode on macOS Ventura. It no longer occurs in most instances, though some corner cases may remain. If you continue to experience this problem, please let us know in our issue tracker (JBR-4959).
  • The behavior of the Settings Sync plugin has been updated. Settings synchronization across different IDE products is now turned off by default and can be enabled via a checkbox in Settings/Preferences | Settings Sync (IDEA-233535).
  • Opening the terminal using a custom shortcut or a non-default keymap no longer causes unnecessary symbols to be printed in the command prompt (IDEA-307583).

The full release notes are available here.


In other news, we recently started the CLion 2023.1 Early Access Program! The first improvements that you can already preview are vcpkg support, a new action for adding C++20 modules, an improved Attach to Process dialog, and more flexible refactorings. If you are interested in trying out the EAP build, download it here. You can also read about our plans for the 2023.1 release in this blog post.

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