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How To Debug C++ Code Efficiently: Disassemble On Demand

CLion 2023.1 brought the ability to explore assembly code even when the source code is available. A new Disassemble action has been added to improve your debugging experience, help you catch issues, and eliminate inefficiencies in the code.

When debugging C or C++ code in CLion, you can explore the underlying assembly code. To open the disassembly view, right-click a frame in the debugger tab and select Disassemble. This opens the disassembly view side-by-side with your source code and highlights the current execution line in both. You can freely switch between debugging in the C/C++ and assembly views and step through lines of code or instructions. Both views follow each other while debugging. Disassemble on demand works for both Intel and ARM assembly, and it also works when using remote debugging, like for embedded development.

Interested? Watch this short demo video and give the new action a try!


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