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CLion 2023.2.1 Bug-Fix Update

The CLion bug-fix update 2023.2.1 is now available! If you haven’t yet upgraded to v2023.2, now is definitely a good time to do so!

The key enhancements in the major 2023.2 update include:

  1. The Beta version of AI Assistant is now available as a plugin with limited access.
  2. Streamlined integration with PlatformIO, an open-source platform for embedded developers.
  3. Enhanced integration for vcpkg, one of the most widely adopted package managers in C++.
  4. Major debugger updates, including attach to remote and WSL processes and register value views.

The fixes included in this bug-fix update are listed below. Download build 232.9559.58 from our website, through the Toolbox App, as a snap package for Ubuntu, or via a patch from the IDE.


Fixes and improvements

CLion v2023.2.1 brings several important bug-fixes and improvements:

  • AI Assistant:
    • We removed redundant empty lines in the AI Chat when requesting a CMake error explanation.
    • AI actions work correctly when called at the end of Doxygen comments.
  • We added support for the “external” strategy of “toolset” and “architecture” fields in CMakePresets.json for MSVC compilers (CPP-31353).
  • We fixed an issue with CLion not detecting shell scripts correctly and marking them as C++ header instead (CPP-34057, CPP-26460, CPP-28799).
  • CLion no longer wipes the toolchain settings when arm is specified as a target architecture for the MSVC toolchain.
  • Qt:
  • Debugger enhancements:
    • Inlay variable values in CMake debugger no longer disappear.
    • The GDB driver in CLion no longer crashes with an error during remote library loading (CPP-34058).
    • Attach to Process no longer fails in cross-language debug cases (CPP-27667).
  • The new PlatformIO plugin for CLion received several fixes and updates (CPP-34587, CPP-34184).
  • Performance issues caused by package management integration have been fixed (CPP-34406).

Full release notes are here.

What’s coming next

Are you interested in what’s coming next? The CLion 2023.3 roadmap includes overall improvements to IDE performance and quality, LLM-based improvements, Meson and Bazel support, the ability to inspect assembly without a debug session, and other enhancements. Read this blog post for more details.


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