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CLion Nova Fourth Update: Fixes for Code Folding, Highlighting, and CMake Presets

CLion Nova is a free preview of CLion equipped with the ReSharper C++/Rider C++ language engine. It comes with all of the newest enhancements from the CLion Classic 2023.3 release, except for JetBrains AI Assistant. This means you can use CLion Nova if it works best for your use case without missing out on the latest CLion improvements and features.

Merging CLion Nova into CLion Classic is our top priority for 2024.1, as stated in the CLion 2024.1 roadmap.

Today, we’re releasing the last build from the 2023.3 branch (233.13871). You can already update to it via the Toolbox App. The next CLion Nova update is already planned for the 2024.1 EAP branch.

The highlights:

  • We implemented improvements for C++ code folding of the switch-case block (CPP-36557) and the comment block (CPP-36285).
  • We fixed the issue with the code highlighting disappearing in some parts of the files (CPP-36764).
  • We fixed the issue that occasionally caused a reformat on save with ClangFormat (CPP-36760).
  • CLion Nova now uses the correct build generator configured in CMake presets (CPP-36793).

If you’re wondering which new refactorings CLion Nova has compared to CLion Classic, which syntax style options are available, or how live templates have been enriched in CLion Nova, please visit the dedicated section in our online documentation.


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