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CLion 2024.1.1 Bug-Fix Update 

The CLion 2024.1.1 bug-fix update is here! 

The fixes included in this update are listed below. Download build 241.15989.121 from our website, through the Toolbox App, as a snap package for Ubuntu, or via a patch from inside the IDE. 

If you haven’t upgraded to v2024.1, now is a good time to do so. You can learn about its major improvements at the What’s New page.


Main fixes and improvements

  • CLion’s CMake integration includes the Python plugin. When you have a Python interpreter configured for your project, CMake picks it up along with all of the Python-related environment variables. The variables are now exposed to CMake, allowing you to use the interpreter via find_package. (CPP-14593)
  • Tests based on the GoogleTest framework are now detected properly. (CPP-37829)
  • There are a number of fixes related to the GDB debugger. You can now see variables of certain types. Also, using the Docker toolchain no longer results in GDB timeouts and broken pipes, making long debugger sessions more stable in such cases. (CPP-22342, CPP-25582, CPP-37851, CPP-36279)

Other fixes 

  • We’ve improved the overall performance of the IDE when you’re working with large projects and files. Data flow analysis no longer slows down, and CPU usage has been improved. (CPP-37939
  • In some cases, remote toolchains were not working due to the underlying SSH library update. The issue has been fixed, and you can once again target remote Linux machines connected via SSH while working in CLion. (IJPL-63050, IJPL-63053)
  • In rare cases, the editor was failing to update highlighting for text that had received subsequent edits. This bug has now been fixed.(IJPL-28967)
  • The IDE no longer crashes when you try to build a project. (CPP-37303)

The full release notes are available here.


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