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Fixed pattern – C# 7.3 in Rider and ReSharper

The latest versions of ReSharper 2018.2 and Rider 2018.2 come with support for C# 7.3. In this series, we are looking at these new language features in C# 7.3. Today we will look at the fixed pattern and simplified access to fixed size buffer elements. This post … Continue reading

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Introduce variable, iterate and merge back deconstruction

In our previous post, we’ve looked more closely at and how ReSharper 2018.1 and Rider 2018.1 help maintain consistency when using deconstructing declarations and discards. This time, let’s check out how ReSharper (and Rider) can assist us with introducing variables, … Continue reading

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Embrace deconstruction with ReSharper 2018.1

Deconstruction is a great feature that was introduced with C# 7. A while ago, we showed how ReSharper (and Rider) can help generate deconstructors for us. ReSharper 2018.1 adds even more enhanced support to fully embrace the elegance and power of deconstructions … Continue reading

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Null checking improvements in ReSharper 2017.2

Null checking is a very common task that ReSharper has always been helping to automate. Since the very first versions, ReSharper users had a whole bunch of context actions and quick-fixes at their disposal, such as Check parameter for null, Assert expression … Continue reading

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