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Long read: Where we are with “out of process” ReSharper

A little over a year ago, we ran a series of blog posts describing performance improvements we were making to ReSharper. We’ve delivered a lot of improvements in the releases since then, but we haven’t yet delivered on the big … Continue reading

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Unity performance best practice with Rider, part 2

Last time, we looked at Rider’s new performance indicators for Unity, which highlight expensive operations inside performance critical contexts, such as calling GetComponent inside an Update method. These highlights are intentionally different to traditional warnings and suggestions because there is no easy “fix”, … Continue reading

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Unity Performance Best Practices with Rider, Part 1

At JetBrains, we’re big fans of static analysis. Rider has over 1,200 inspections designed to warn about potential issues, or suggest changes, nearly all with quick-fixes to address the problem. Some are about consistency, such as naming standards and code style. Others warn about redundant, unused, … Continue reading

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Unity-specific code analysis in Rider 2018.2

Perhaps the most powerful feature that Rider has is its code analysis, finding issues and providing quick fixes and context actions to help you improve the quality of your code. Rider’s Unity support is no exception, and in this post, we’ll take … Continue reading

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Integrating Rider 2018.2 and the Unity Editor

Rider 2018.1 introduced deep integration with the Unity Editor, allowing you to run unit tests, view Unity console log entries and control play mode, all without leaving Rider. In our third post looking at Rider 2018.2 and Unity, we’ll look at what’s new in … Continue reading

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Unity Assembly Definition Files and Rider 2018.2

Last time, we saw how Rider 2018.2 had added support for Unity’s new Packages to the Unity Explorer. This time, we’ll take a look at how Rider supports a key feature of Packages – Assembly Definition Files, with validation, code completion, … Continue reading

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Unity Package Explorer in Rider 2018.2

Rider 2018.2 has been another bumper release for Unity features and updates! Today, we’re going to start a series of blog posts looking at what’s new. We’re going to start with a look at how we’ve integrated Unity packages into the … Continue reading

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Unity Explorer and new code inspections in Rider 2018.1

Mea culpa! In all the excitement of recent weeks, not the least of which was presenting Rider at Unity’s Unite events in Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing (and we hope to see some of you at Unite Berlin next week!) we forgot to … Continue reading

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Run Unity tests in Rider 2018.1

In our last couple of posts about new Unity features in Rider 2018.1, we’ve seen that updating our Unity editor plugin to be smarter now allows us to control play mode, and bring the Unity console directly into Rider. In this series: Control Unity editor … Continue reading

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View Unity console logs directly in Rider 2018.1

Last time, we looked at how Rider 2018.1 introduces a new Unity editor plugin which allows us to build deeper integration with Unity. We saw how we can now control play mode and step single frames without having to switch away from Rider. … Continue reading

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