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What’s New in JetBrains Academy: More Java Projects and Topics, Computer Science Essentials, and Problem of the Day

This February, we announced the EAP (Early Access Program) for JetBrains Academy, a new educational experience for future developers. JetBrains Academy enables learners to select projects to practice on and go through Java topics required for completing these projects, following their individual curriculum and tracking progress through the Knowledge map.

What's New in JetBrains Academy


The Hyperskill platform features the Knowledge Map, many available topics, and project selection, while project completion is enabled via IntelliJ IDEA Edu (IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition with the EduPlugin installed).

We thank all of you who joined JetBrains Academy for being with us and sharing your feedback! Since the release, we’ve taken in your suggestions and worked hard to improve your learning experience. Here are some of our latest features and updates.

More Java and Computer Science Essentials

Since the release, we’ve added 15 new Java topics. Сheck Abstract factory and Factory method, Binary Heap, Swing components, JMenu, Standart logger, and many more – and try new challenges.

In addition to Java, now you can learn the foundations of Computer Science. Understand the differences between the many search, sorting, and string algorithms, and which ones are best for each practical application. Topics are already available at the Knowledge Map – select Essentials and dive straight in!


Problem of the Day

Repeating what you’ve learned is important for building a strong foundation for your skills. To encourage you to keep practicing, every 24 hours Hyperskill offers a new problem from among your completed topics. Check the Curriculum to take on the challenge.


Put the test to the test

So, you submitted a task and it failed the verification test. This is a normal part of the learning process! However, being stuck on the same assignment can be frustrating and might hinder your progress.

Now you can download the test that your solution fails and check what exactly went wrong. Once every 24 hours, one test for a random code challenge you’re facing becomes available to you. Discover what you can improve and keep progressing!

New Knowledge Map view

Use the Knowledge Map to check all the available topics and how they relate to each other. In addition to the original Table view of the graph, we’ve added a collapsible Tree view of the graph. Optimize the interface and track your progress in the way that’s best for you.



Happy learning!

Your Educational Tools and Hyperskill teams

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