EduTools Plugin v3.4 Released!

EduTools 3.4 is here! In this update, we’re introducing support for programming challenges from Codeforces, the programming contest platform, and support for version 2020.1 of all IntelliJ-based IDEs.


Codeforces support
IntelliJ Platform 2020.1 support
IntelliJ IDEA Edu and PyCharm Edu

Codeforces support

Codeforces is a platform that hosts multiple programming contests for beginners and seasoned developers eager to compete with each other and to prove their coding skills. One of these contests is Kotlin Heroes, a series of tasks designed to put your Kotlin coding abilities to the test.

Now when you take on challenges from various contests featured at Codeforces, you can solve them right inside your favorite IDE, via the EduTools plugin. Use all the perks JetBrains IDEs have to offer to write smarter code and go through the contest with ease.

You can open the contest directly via its URL, or browse the available contests and select one or more that you’re interested in. Go to File | Learn and Teach | Start Codeforces Contest:

3.4 - choose contest adress
3.4 - choose contest

Choose the programming language you will use to solve the tasks…

3.4 - choose contest language

… and preview contest challenges:

3.4 - preview contest

Take a look at the contest in which you’re about to participate. Each challenge comes with detailed description with all of the information necessary to complete it and local tests inside the testData directory to check your solution:

3.4 - overall contest in IDE

Solve tasks and run local tests to check if your solution is correct:

3.4 - run local tests

You can create your own custom tests to check your solutions inside the IDE. Click on the testData directory, select New | Directory in the context menu, and add input.txt and output.txt files with new data to test your solution:

3.4 - create custom tests
3.4 - custom tests result

Click on Compare Outputs to compare your code output with expected data and get insights into how to fix your solution:

3.4 - tests result

When you’re ready and your code has passed all the tests, click on Submit Solution to submit the challenges you’ve solved straight to Codeforces. You will be redirected back to the Codeforces site, where you may need to log in if you haven’t done so already.

3.4 - submit solution

Insert your task solution (which was already copied to clipboard), and then specify which problem you’ve solved and what language you’ve used.

3.4 - submit to Codeforces

You are now ready to compete!

IntelliJ Platform 2020.1 support

With the new wave of EAP releases of our IntelliJ-based IDEs, we’ve added support for the latest versions of these tools. If you’re using 2020.1 EAP builds of your preferred IDEs, you can now install the EduTools plugin and experiment with the new IDE features as you go through courses or create them.

IntelliJ IDEA Edu and PyCharm Edu

We’ve prepared new IDE builds for PyCharm Edu 2019.3.3 and IntelliJ IDEA Edu 2019.3.2. They combine the latest fixes for PyСharm and IntelliJ IDEA and the latest plugin updates in v3.4.


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