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Today’s fast-paced world pushes us to keep improving and to learn new things every day. And when we heed our inner drive to evolve and advance, we don’t just change ourselves – we change the world for the better, one step at a time.

At JetBrains, we are passionate about continuous improvement, and we hold learning in the highest regard. We care deeply about those who never stop learning or who help others improve themselves. That is why we’re creating Educational Products to help you learn and teach programming in modern new ways.


Educational Products for Students

Learning is challenging, and distance learning can be really tough. At times, it can be hard to stay motivated, plan your learning activities, track your progress, build your confidence, and find the support you need to keep yourself going.

If you’ve already started to learn Java, Kotlin, or Python, or if you’re considering taking your first steps toward learning to program in these languages, JetBrains Academy is free to use and combines an interactive, project-based learning platform with powerful, professional development tools.

The best way to stay motivated is to learn by doing. Choose one of our 60+ projects and get a curriculum that includes all the concepts necessary to build it:

Projects – JetBrains Academy
Curriculum – JetBrains Academy

Learn with single-concept topics that you can complete in as little as 15 minutes:

Comments – JetBrains Academy

Practice in your browser and get instant feedback, with more than 5,700 interactive challenges:

Code + comment = ? – Comments – JetBrains Academy

Navigate the Knowledge Map, which shows your progress, the full scope of available topics, and the connections between them:

Knowledge Map – JetBrains Academy

Build confidence while progressing from simple to more advanced code, and master professional development tools by using JetBrains IDEs:

PyCharm Edu – JetBrains Academy

Join a community of more than 66,000 users, compare your solutions, and discuss the challenges you face – right in the platform:

Solutions – JetBrains Academy

Start learning for free with JetBrains Academy

Read the JetBrains Academy guide for more details. Follow us on Twitter and join us on Reddit to stay connected!

Educational Products for Teachers

If you’re looking for innovative ways to teach programming or struggling to find ways to help your students get enough practice, or if you want to give them your support even when you’re teaching remotely – JetBrains Educational Products are here to help.

JetBrains Academy can be a great additional free learning resource for your students, while Educational IDEs can help you share your knowledge and transfer programming skills in the form of code practicing tasks and integrated tests, with all the productivity boosters a professional IDE offers.

Educational IDEs support Java, Kotlin, Python, Scala, JavaScript, Rust, C/C++, and Go, with more languages to come.

Create your course, with one or more lessons, right in the IDE:

New Course – PyCharm Edu

Structure each lesson as a list of tasks, with each task including a description, a file with the exercise code, a test file to check the solutions, and any other files students need to complete the task:

New Task – PyCharm Edu

Teach with the help of simple and effective "fill in the missing code" exercises:

Placeholder – PyCharm Edu

Let students independently check their assignments with your integrated tests, and help them learn with special hints:

Student View 1 – PyCharm Edu
Student View 2 – PyCharm Edu
Student View 3 – PyCharm Edu

Keep track of your learning materials and share them publicly or privately with your students:

Share – PyCharm Edu

Choose Your Educational IDE

Read the Quickstart Guide for more details, and please feel free to contact us at academy@jetbrains.com if you have any questions or need support.

Free Access to Professional Tools

If none of the Educational IDEs meets your needs, you can get free access to all JetBrains IDEs as a student or teacher!

Apply for educational licenses for all JetBrains IDEs and team tools as a student or teacher (at an accredited educational institution) – and use these powerful professional development tools, both individually and in classrooms, for free.

Find more details and apply for your license on the Free Educational Licenses site page.

Keep Evolving!
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